Report to Mistress Remiriel

Summary of achievements and failures on Greencloak Expedition.

Purpose: Expedition will establish a new client kingdom to Galadran. This kingdom then establishes trade agreement with House Torduis. This agreement then extends automatically to Galadran.


* I negotiated with frog people — non-aggression pact allows their unmolested survival so long as they do not prey upon travelers.

* I issued personal challenge to were-boars for the purpose of revealing their true nature to the Greencloaks. Successful without consequence.

* Upon facing an army of nearly 800 orc warriors, I recommended negotiation instead of long-term attrition warfare tactics. Therefor I, along with a cleric, dwarf wizard, and two of our cousin people (Nyss) entered aggressive negotiations with the Orc leadership, and wiped them out. Upon seeing I had personally put down their warlord, the entire army surrendered to me. I immediately appointed a Greencloak general and set them against a rival human faction. This also liberated tiefling and gnome detachments.

* My army wiped out human faction forces or absorbed them into the army.

* Entered negotiations with neighboring human-led client kingdom due to fact the orc overlord, a self-styled Great Khan, was headquartered in the neighboring territory. Delivered ultimatum, terrified the human leader (his pathetic force of 40 mercenaries has no way to oppose our current strength), and walked away with rights to vast stretches of mountains containing not just orcs, but goblins, gnomes, tieflings, and dwarves, with associated mines as well as 10,000 gold (I demanded in order to afford the army we will use to wipe out resistance in the mountains), and certain free trade rights along the great trade road. In short, everything I wanted on behalf of Greencloaks and our new realm of Greenland.


* None.

Most Important News: The Prince of Galadran and I have begun courtship in accordance with elf tradition and I have chosen him as a mate in our tradition, but will proceed with pursuing the elf tradition so that all people on all sides will see that this is official and legal.

My Prince sends you his greetings. He would have you know his own mother is manipulative, aggressive, and likely to play the Game with you regarding any potential offspring I may produce with the Prince. I know you will look forward to such a challenge with pleasure, Mother.

We hope that both our families see the opportunity our future union represents. While I recognize the great opportunity this represents for me personally, know that I have not merely chosen for political reasons (though I understand they would be reason enough to pursue this), but because I see the Prince truly worthy. Brave, shrewd, and intelligent, this once-sheltered princeling has proven his potential, grown in skill, and I believe is favored by the gods. He has captured my interest and attention.

We have entered into an informal agreement, but it may be useful if you might be willing to sign a non-aggression treaty with Galadron out of respect for our courtship. This would enable our courtship to progress in one year’s time, in accordance with high elf tradition.

On a personal note, I understand now how useless I was to you and myself at home. I am grateful that you did what had to be done and sent me to survive or perish on my own merits despite my own wishes at the time. I know I can say I have properly represented my people, my people’s skills, and my people’s interests thus far. I will continue to do so.

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