Shopping – Kal and Mina

Mina had Kal by the arm and was guiding him through the central bazaar with a surprising expertise for a foreigner. She navigated through various merchants selling their wares out of stalls amid crowds of curious potential buyers, but never stopped at one.

To Kal’s questioning look, she held up a hand. “Any bolts of cloth sold on the street here are already going to be dusty or worse. The good stuff is always sold out of tailors’ shops. They’ll cost more, but the quality will be higher, it will feel better, and it will be clean. Also, we get the convenience of having the cloth right there when you pick out whatever style you decide to go with.”

She paused to get her bearing, then headed off in a new direction that led them to the door of what looked to be an expensive tailor’s shop. Kal noticed her entire demeanor changed the moment she stepped foot inside. Whereas she had a grin on her face and an eager posture outside, now she stood poised and wore a serious expression as she gracefully glided right up to the curator.

“Sir, the gentleman with me is Lord of Icefall. He is recognized by the Lord Executor as a hero, has the full support of the city, and occupies the stronghold that is the linchpin of the defense of the north. As such he must attend when the Lord Executor calls, lead the other Marcher Lords in defense of our great nation, and keep the respect he won through strength of arms. His role is vital, and I’m depending upon you to help him look the part.”

The tailor blinked at Mina for a moment, looked at Kal, then looked at the weighty back of silver Kal held up. He smiled widely and shouted, “Serrah! Close the shop, then bring me my measuring tapes.”

The flurry of the tailor was amazing.   As he moved Kal over to a small stage like platform surrounded by expensive mirrors.  Moving his hands up and down as measurements were taken, Kal tried to ask questions.  However, each time he opened his mouth, Mina would interrupt to ask Kal a question.  At first he thought Mina was very interested in his exploits and his politics.   But as the measurements ended and the fittings began, he realized Mina only asked questions that demanded impressive answers.  The more he answered Mina, the more diligent the tailor became.  

Kal smiled as he realized Mina’s strategy.   The tailor stood and snapped his fingers.   His assistant came from around the corner holding out various tunics of different color sizes and design.  

“Please…” The tailor motioned and he handed Kal the garments.  We shall give you some privacy, if you would try some of these on and let me know what it is about each you like best?”

Kal took the tunics and was directed to a hidden door behind one of the mirrors. Mina was given a chair and sat in front of the small stage and waited.   The tailor and his assistant closed the room doors to give even more privacy.

Kal undressed and looked at the three tunics.  One if them he thought looked great and tried it first.  However, he found it was not going on the way a normal tunic would. As he loosened the strings, he found he had no idea what he was doing.  A bit embarrassed that he had been defeated by the latest fashion, he held it out as he exited the mirrored door of the dressing room.

Standing on the stage naked with only the baffling tunic wadded around his forearm, he looked to Mina for help.

“My my, Lord Kal,” Mina said as she went to him and slid the tunic off his arm. “I would never have guessed you to be such a bold flirt.” Her eyes were appreciative. Since he had presented himself so boldly to her, she’d happily drink in the view. She wouldn’t have guessed he wanted more than a shopping date, but obviously he did and also didn’t care if they were in a tailor’s shop or not.

She approved.

Kal suddenly found himself in the presence of a very attractive elf maiden that clearly appreciated how he was looking right now.

Kal chuckled a bit at the idea Mina now presented him.  But the more he laughed the more he found the jovial outburst to be more of a defense of the realization of her intent.  

Kal hands dropped suddenly to hide his manhood as his wide-eyed response stumbled from his lips.

“Wait!  What?!?  But I thought you and Naevara were… I mean… I thought you only liked… Wait!  what?!?

“Sh,” she said with a finger to her lips as she inched closer. When he mentioned Naevara, she full well knew he thought she didn’t like men and so she decided she would enjoy this little misunderstanding. “You thought I only liked… what? Sex? Of course there are other things I like, silly. Sex just happens to be my favorite thing. The thing I’m best at.” Her fingers touched places he realized were just as personal and sensitive as what he was trying (with less and less success) to hide. “Let me show you.”

Kal just stood there.   Her fingers doing there part to confuse his rational self.

“So you and Naevara aren’t… I mean you two aren’t… Exclusive?”  

“Not in my nature.” To prove it, she began kissing her way down his chest.


The tailor had arranged all his samples before him and stood patiently waiting for his newest customer.  Staring at the sliding doors to the dressing room, he fiddled a bit more and found himself feeling anxious.  He had served lords before but it had been at least thirty minutes.  His excitement slowly started to turn into fear.  What if the Lord of Icefall did not like his patterns?!?  What if he did not like the color choices, or maybe he didn’t like him personally!  

Slowly the tailor inched closer to the door.  Once within a few feet, he thought he heard them.  It sounded somewhat like a muffled struggle.  Horror suddenly shot through the tailor’s thoughts!  What if he measured wrong?!?  What if the samples were the wrong size?!?   
He found his hand almost knocked at the door, but fear stopped him the first and second time.

On the third attempt he found his courage as his hand gently tapped on the wooden door.

“Excuse me m’lord?  Are you in any need of assistance?”

Seconds slowly creeped buy with no answer.  His hand was about to do the unthinkable as he reached for the handle.  It was suddenly halted by the sound of Lord Kal’s voice, “No help! I got this!”

The tailor’s mouth dropped as a confused and frightened look came across his face.  Standing petrified at the doors, he couldn’t move out of fear that he may be needed or may have to suddenly explain some short coming he could not figure out.  He was so focused on his situation he never heard his assistant approach form the right.

“Should I prepare tea and scones for our clients?”  The assistant calmly whispered.

The tailor started to shake his head, still wide-eyed with confusion. “Sure?”


Kal laid on the small wooden stage.  As he propped himself up he looked around with a grin of fabulous discovery. “Mirrors… My room needs more mirrors…”

Mina laughed quietly as her perfect form stood to stretch.  Kal just watched until the spell was broken by her clothes, which she began to put on.

Kal also stood and searched for that puzzle of a tunic.  

“You aren’t from around here… Are you?”

“How can you tell?” Mina smiled as looked through the cloth that was her dress.

“You have an accent.”  Kal smiled as he switched his words to elvish.

Mina looked curiously at Kal as her dress settled nicely around her form. “You have one too!”  

“I’ll tell if you tell?”  Kal teased.

“My parents are from Shadaar and Princeweald.  My father was night elf, my mother a lunar elf.  I take after my mother, features-wise.” Mina smiled but looked intently in Kal’s reaction to her information.

Kal did a sudden spin and finally spotted the tunic on the floor. “You are a long way from home.” Kal tried unraveling the tunic. “I was raised by the stag clan to the south… The wild elves as they call them here.”

Kal missed the little surprised look on her face as he shared the news.  His attention was focused on the baffling piece of material in his hand.

Kal continued, “So I have an idea… I was hoping you might stick around for a while.   I could really use someone with your talents in the Icefalls.”

It took Kal a few moments to notice Mina now looked to be on the defensive. Arms crossed and one eyebrow raised, Mina stayed calm. “Just which talents are you referring too?”

Kal was a little confused but then realized he needed to be more specific. “Oh no!  I mean…  I was thinking you would make a great chancellor!  I mean you have an amazing ability to deal with people of all types and you seem to be at your best in social situations.   I could really use your help up there.” 

Mina’s arms dropped as did her brow.  A smile slowly appeared. “I might be interested.”

“Besides…” Kal interrupted, “you have interest in exploring the ruins I apparently have up there.   I’m sure we could help you explore them.  Is there a particular reason you have an interest in them?”

Mina finished putting on her belt. “I heard that there may be items of magical power up there.  I do so like magic.”  Her face took on the features of a kitten in need.   She looked so attractive in that moment, Kal almost forgot what he had asked.  

“I’m a… I’m sure we can help you with that.  Maybe you could see yourself helping us out up there for ownership of some magic you might find up there?”

Mina’s eyes lit up.   “Deal!”

Kal smiled and dared one more question.  “Finally lady Mina… I was hoping for one last thing?”

Mina’s eyebrow raised again in curiosity.

Kal’s arm extended out with a wad of fabric around it. “Help?!?”

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