Epilogue: Session 7


To confuse the Assassin, the party split up with each group taking a part of the Aquila. Tiffanie took ship with Jocelyn on the Grey Gull out of Breven bound for Thalassa, while Elemix and Emmeline went overland to Camaret to consult an acquaintance of El’s about the Obsidian Aquila and its history.

On the journey, once again Emmeline was confronted by yet another team of kidnappers (or so she thought) with struck a devil’s bargain to help her on the journey, protect her, and in exchange agree to meet with their employer, a friend of Emmeline’s evil uncle Mazarin d’Eleveur. So far, they have kept their part of the bargain, helping drive off the Assassin once again, though it was a near-run thing.

After a hard overland slog, where they avoided inns and lived off the land (advice from de Bruges, the aformentioned bounty-hunter/kidnapper), they finally arrived in Camaret. There the weary party was treated to dinner and conversation on the Aquila at the home of Dr. Brego Bruin and his wife Baili Farkak-Bruin. They learned that the Aquila is more than it seems, and in truth is only the staff head of a full aquila, but those were rarely made of glass.

Upon arriving on Thalassa, but before meeting Tiffanie and Jocelyn at the Great Temple of Aarith, Elemix and Emmeline visited the Wizard’s Guild tower (Tower of High Wizardry) and then one of the Bardic colleges where they met Rivanon.


Arzuul & Arzohr – Mercenaries from Breven who decided not to escort Elemix and Emmeline.

Dr. Brego Bruin & Baili Farkak-Bruin – Dwarven academics from Camaret (possibly born in the nearby Markhelm Colonies).


Magus’ Ewan, Mazzey, & Hervé – Camarian wizards of the Guild.

Sergé the Footman – Hired footman on Thalassa

Dame Rivanon Maria Esté Lady d’Uzec – Heiress, bard, advocate, and now protégée of Emmeline (despite their near-identical ages with Rivanon just a few months older).

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