Epilogue: Session 6


With the fight outside Breven behind them, the party settled business with the local Magus Geoffrey Caron (an illusionist several years older than Elemix), entertaining at the local inn (The Rose Unicorn), and attuning to ancient Dwarven weapons of unknown disposition (including paying for the room damage from the exhilaration of power). With a five day trip to Camaret ahead of them and a victory behind them, the party is ready to move forward. Jocelyn notes that once they arrive in Thalassa, Tiffanie is invited to join her at the Temple to see once and for all if the curse can be removed easily or not.


Primel: Barony and Jocelyn’s home town. Her four older brothers and mother live there, most of whom participate in their family business as commodity merchants.

Breven: Duchy and port city having a decent library and modest Wizard’s Guildhouse, led by Magus Caron.


Petir, Aldo, Hennrie, and Bruno: Four thugs hired to help take out the party should it be necessary by the Messenger. Only Petir survived the battle, and having been honest with his answers upon questioning, he was hired as a short-term drover.

The Messenger: Not his actual name, but a servant, middle-man, or some relation to Thea’s Tyannite sect. He was well equipped with a magic gladius of Eterian make and a magic javelin of what may be Traskine manufacture like the aquilea. He completely believed Emmeline’s story about Thea, but was willing to sacrifice her. Seemed to me much more mercenary.

The Assassin: The Messenger’s partner/back-up, the assassin twice took out Elemix and nearly did the same to Jocelyn. A very quick and deadly opponent, when his allies failed, he retreated to fight another day. There is every reason to believe he will continue to track and deal with the party on his own terms.

Magus Geoffrey Caron: Breven illusionist currently in charge of the Wizard’s Guildhouse. Friendly to Elemix and by extension the party. Helped with an illustionary box for the confrontation with the Messenger.

Madame Elinor la Nouvelle: Jocelyn’s mother and an important and prosperous merchant in Primel.

Khord Baradun: Ancient dwarven warrior of Azenkuul whose body and axe were found a few years ago by Typhon Kné.

Mara: Also known as Mahryswenifahr and dozens of other names, this fey being hesitantly spoke with the party through Emmeline at their request, asking them to trust her as they would trust Emmeline and that she wished them no harm. She explained her relationship with Emmeline is akin to that of a mother to a daughter and simultaneously akin to that of a goddess and devotee; though worship does not seem to be her goal.


Axe of Khord: A berserker axe (+1 to hit/damage). Attuning with Khord’s axe brings an echo of Khord’s will, but also his bloodlust. The curse is easily lifted by a priest, but the bonus leaves as well. There may be a way to settle echo Khord’s spirit as more is learned about the effects of the attunement.

The Aquila: A Traskine obsidian glass banner or staff head used to lead armies. One of several artifacts sought by Tuderic’s group.

Javelin of Lightning: Of similar manufacture to the Aquila, but perhaps of a later date. Upon attunement, voices in an ancient language start muttering.




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  1. The Thalassan Great Temple of Aarith is a divergence point for Tiffanie next week. Assuming the players stay on Thalassa for that game session. Note, Jocelyn can get Tiffanie free passage on a Aarthine charted vessel right away for Thalassa.

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