News Reaching Derrien – 10 Thermador, 447

Forty Days after the beginning of the campaign on 1 Messidor (July), it is now 10 Thermador (August) and the height of the warm season. Staying in Derrien for more than a week, the party will get wind of the following information or rumors:

  1. Hobgoblin raiders have harassed the area around the town of Faou, 150 miles east-southeast of Derrien.
  2. A large and humanoid monster was sighted stealing sheep in the wilds south-west of Commana.
  3. A set of bounty hunters from Frehel was came through Derrien, but rapidly departed after visiting the Temple of Aarith.
  4. Recent unrest in Malith. Several kingdoms at war, including rivals Malaran and Stava.
  5. A dragon was sighted in the White Mountains near the free city of Matignon.
  6. Raiders attacked Brignogan. Rumor is that they are hobgoblins. They were defeated, but with loss of life.
  7. The Blues have taken the lead in the Thalassan chariot tournament series.
  8. Councilor Melisende Rioux announces her candidacy for Thalassan Mayor against Mayor Delacroix and Aristé Messier
  9. The merchant ship Mariposa is overdue from her trip from Thalassa to Nevez.
  10. The Baron of Uzec is organizing an expedition into the Upper Calder Valley to hunt goblin tribes thought to have come down from the mountains.

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