Epilogue: Session 5


Despite little direct help (save for Magus Alix and Sister Jocelyn) from the Duke, his proctor d’Eniac, the Mayor, or the Constable of Derrien, the party successfully intercepted and captured the villainous priestess of Tyaa, Thea (Gosvinthea) and her companion who refused to reveal his name.

The prisoners were held for two days before the city Archon (a priest of Aarith named Pereth) determined that they were in fact guilty of murder, conspiracy, and brigandry in supporting the attack north of Calder Falls. The full list of who was hired by them could not be ascertained. Nor did they reveal the location of their remaining member, Tuderic, or the destination of the goods shipped.

The confirmed dead due to these villains included Simon (merchant), Paol (groom), Ruby (prostitute), Rege, Ham, and Olivar (thugs), Tolliver (guildsman) and the dozens of soldiers, adventurers, and villagers killed by their accomplice up in Calder Falls. Several assaults, including that of Kanna – a young drover/teamster on her way south to return from a delivery ensorcelled with illusionary magics as a distraction for Thea’s failed escape.

After the party was informed, an idea was hatched to capture Thea’s spirit in the mental shielding ring, as it was suspected that executing her would only deliver her to her cult masters – albeit disembodied. Thea displayed a hatred of civilization common for Tyaanites and seemingly of her cult. Sister Jocelyn went in with the ring to talk to her, came out without the ring shortly thereafter. Thea and her follower were executed by hanging at dawn. Sister Jocelyn retrieved the ring, noting it will only delay Thea’s spirit from departing.

After those two days, the party was free to find quarters in the city after staying in the Citadel, which they found in Derrienport back at the Mighty Griffen – where Emmeline stayed to fulfill her contract. Similarly Elemix returned to Magus Titus’ tower to continue his brewing in the lab. Tiffanie was free to do what she wished.

Stabling for the six days amounted 18 gold total. Elemix pretty much lived at the lab, with support costs of 2 pg total, plus his potion investments. Emmeline was given modest food/board in addition to her playing payment. Tiffanie could stay with Emmeline, but was asked to either work (cleaning, labor, chopping wood, etc.) or pay for her food. Assuming she was modest, the food cost would be 2 gp total and she wouldn’t have to work.

In the week Elemix finishes translating the encrypted note:

Eldegard, the negotiations with the merchant have failed. It is important we retrieve the aquila on this trip – the szechtai desire it. All portents speak to one left buried in the reopened Zwergenazenmine. We will go with your plan, though it carries risks. Use the tools provided. As such we sanction the use of the Rotensteinhelt goblins – they may keep the humans as slaves or whatever. Upon completion, meet us at Unterflüzfell as agreed and then on to home. Tyaa avenge you should you fail. T & G


  • Rumors are brewing that Emmeline cast a spell in plain sight at the polymorphed Thea along with the rest of the party’s attacks.
  • Magus Alix reminds Elemix that while the rumor of Emmeline’s magic will likely go no further than near Derrien, it could get back to Uzec easily given her reputation.
  • The death of Simon the merchant will make selling the magic scythe difficult in Derrien, at least for Emmeline.
  • Yrwyn Grae, the proprietor of the Rusty Knife, sends a simple thank you note to Emmeline saying, “Thank you. You are welcome.”
  • After all is done, the Duke’s Proctor sends each member of the party a note of appreciation from the hand of the Duke, plus a signed letter of introduction from the Duke the party may use to gain audience to a single noble, merchant prince, or patrician in the Periphery.
  • Magus Titus and Moroe return a week after departing into the mountains. They have animal and plant specimens.
  • Apparently Carian Tyaan cultists are in league with or inspired by the deeds of Tuderic Draask, an Eterian Sorcerer, Legate, and rumored as one of the instigators of a Sorcerer war before the founding of Thalassa. They are seeking artifacts of power for some reason they refuse to reveal.
  • The ‘Bag Man’ was never seen again.
  • Thea mentioned a Mahryswenifahr as a parallel person to Mara, possibly her historical name.

Sister Jocelyn (Jos) la Nouvelle

  • Jocelyn is judged by the Bishop to have been swayed by selfish desires in her quest to remain a woman. She is to go to Thalassa to repent and reflect. Her post in Uzec is suspended for now.
  • Her part in the party’s adventures and Tiffanie’s good word give her leave to journey with the party for now.
  • She was further tasked to seek out and cure the bounty hunters, which she obeyed to the letter.
  • They gave up their pursuit of Tiffanie for now. First they lost their warrant, and second the head would be female and not do them any good, and third that Jocelyn wouldn’t cure them until they agreed to cease the pursuit for three months minimum.
  • They were cured by Jocelyn at the Temple over the following week and departed.
  • Jocelyn is equipping herself for the journey.


Sister Jocelyn – Her de-aging and manifestation of her anima are pretty much complete. Visually she lost a decade and is very much female in body, mind, and spirit. Despite be censured by the Temple, she is in high spirits.

Yrwyn Grae – Owner of the Rusty Knife and possibly now with the death of Tolliver gaining ground in the docks district of Derrienport.

Gosvinthea (Thea) – Priestess of Tyaa and convicted murderer. Whether she took Emmeline’s words about Mara to her death is unknown.

Gael Budocson – Corrupt magistrate who helped Thea and Tuderic. Arrested.


During the week, any of the characters can spark up conversations with any known NPC in the area, assuming they can find them. NPCs that just passed through, are busy, or are in nearby areas may or may not be accessible.




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