Epilogue Session 4


Emmeline and Elemix asked the weapons merchant Simon to seek out a person of means to buy the Tyaanite Broach. After the word went out, 2 names came in by the next day, one – the Magus Alix (whom they met the night before), and another Morgan, who had been passing through. Morgan was somewhat surprised to see Emmeline. They came to an agreement and Morgan left with the broach. Emmeline sold it to her thinking that either a) she was a Tyaanite, b) she was powerful enough to use it, or c) something else. Had he known, El would have wished to have been there.

Elemix met the gruff Magus Titus and his goblin servant Morou. Titus agreed to the use of his lab as he was leaving on a journey for a time. El simply owes Titus a favor.

Elemix and Emmeline reunite after their afternoon tasks in and around Derrien. Emmeline having sold the broach and Elemix gaining a week of use of a wizard’s lab to create healing potions. Next step, begin asking about the Tuderic and his companion down at the docks.

At the temple, it seems that Tiffanie and Jocelyn had arrived that morning, but were being held by the Temple for examination, questioning, and for their own protection. El and Emmeline were informed to come back in the morning. In addition they were told that Jocelyn’s curse was compounded – it could take upwards of a century to wear off. Tiffani’s was very resilient, and possible unremovable save for extreme and/or rare methods. The Temple cleric noted that the party would be informed when they arrived in the morning.


Brinnic: Local bandit killed by the party. His gang killed El’s first guard Arande and nearly killed Emmeline. Most of the gang was killed or scattered.

Simon: Derrienport merchant. Luckily found 2 buyers for the broach. Informed them that two more had also inquired, but he would inform them and Alix of it being sold.

Morgan: Obviously moving south, heard the call about the magic broach – an uncommon magic item for sale – and went to meet the seller. Didn’t expect it to be Emmeline, but bought the broach anyway. She then left the merchant’s shop shortly before Elemix was to arrive.

Master Henri d’Eniac: The Duke’s proctor who interviewed Elemix and Emmeline. After their discussions, he accepted the Baron’s actions, the party’s actions, and the reluctant adding of Emmeline de Cerisey to the ranks of the gentry.

Magus Pascal Titus: A gruff wizard whom the locals fear. He is a loner, with only a few servants, farmhands, and a goblin valet. He is supposed to be an enchanter, and knows Master Vorn.

Magus Gillian Alix: A professional wizard, advisor and protector of the Duke who is some ten years older than Elemix. Thalassan in origin, Alix had a very interesting discussion with Elemix and Emmeline. After she detected something was trying to contact Emmeline, there was a possible misunderstanding that almost went bad, but luckily did not. Alex now knows that the Mother Tree granted Emmeline some power, possibly as a druid or cleric. Despite all of this Elemix was highly attracted to Alix, who dismissed his subtle amorous advances – though he plans to return…

Tuderic Draask: A long-dead Eterian sorcerer and imperial legate from some 600 years ago during the Azankuul-Eterian War. This decisive battle crushed the dwarves and forced them to submit to Imperial rule. What became of Draask later during the First Sorcerer War or even before is unknown. His description and name are uncannily similar to the Tuderic the party seeks, but far more ancient and likely far more powerful. The party does not know the relationship for certain.

Duke Gallien de Derrien and Duchess Jeanne De Derrien: Lords of Derrien and the surrounding baronies, including Uzec. The Duke is known as a direct man, unpleasantly businesslike, but successful in building up his realm.

Baron Roland d’Uzac: Emmeline learned that the Baron had been married twice. The second wife died some ten years ago.

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