Mid-Afternoon on the Last Day of the Festival

Walking out of the Cobbler Kylie’s shop after having her new boots fitted. Tiffanie turned her thoughts toward what she and Emmeline were going to be doing that night. Heading off into the night, to search the dwarven cairns for signs of trouble.

As she was heading back toward the festival grounds, an idea came to her. Turning around, she headed to Chief Constable Brosseau’s office.

On the way to the Constable’s office, Tiffanie started thinking about all that has happened to her since the shaman’s spell backfired. Without noticing, she had arrived at her destination.

Stepping into the office, Tiffanie asks,”Is Constable Brosseau available?”

The guard saw her. Looking up he said, “yes, one moment.” The guard went to a back room to get the Constable. Tiffanie could see the throngs of people going to and from the festival. Apparently Emmeline’s upcoming closing night performance was highly anticipated.

The Constable entered the room and said, “How may I help you this evening?”

“Constable Brosseau, The task set before me and my friend to investigate the trouble with the cairn. Do you wish to send someone with us to confirm, or will you just trust our word for it?,” asked Tiffanie.

“Direct and to the point,” he replied. “Unlike my esteemed Baron, I am not as ensnared by beauty and outside talent. I am certain the minstrel waif could not have been the crux of your efforts. The truth is that between the trouble up north, some rumored bandits, and the festival, we have few men to spare. We are stretched thin. That being said, there is a scout who is avoiding the festival. His name de guerre is Remy, but as he is an elf, that is not his true name. In any event, I trust him, even as I do not fully trust you. He should be at the Bee & Preacher.”

“Thank you Constable, I shall go and seek him there,” Tiffanie said.

As she was about to turn away, Tiffanie stopped and asked, “Is there a token I can show him to signify that I am on a job from you and the Baron?”

The constable went over a a desk, pulled out a paper, quill, and stamp. He wrote out an official warrant, stamped it, and handed it to Tiffanie. “Here,” he said, “this should suffice. You may still need to convince him.”

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