Epilogue Session 2


It is the fourth evening in Uzec and the last banquet, the great formal banquet held by Baron Roland d’Uzec has begun. It has been a great three-day festival and the people are in a great mood – many are quite drunk. Emmeline, the Queen of Love and Beauty, takes her place at the Baron’s left side, with the List Champion (Lance Lieutenant Mikaela Brunét) on one side of the couple near Emmeline, and the Melée Champion Sir Kentigern d’Adera of House Auvrey at the other side near the Baron.

Despite (or because) of Emmeline’s status both as the central hero of the Song of Calder Falls the people join her in singing that and other tales of valor, tales of love, and tales of adventure. It is a fun time, but both Emmeline, who is in the thick of the fun, and Tiffanie, who reservedly hangs back look for opportunities to learn from the guests and to leave at the right time to investigate the Old Cairns, supposedly left haunted by the actions of the adventurer Rurrick.


Baron Roland d’Uzec (at party):
A 50 year old gentleman and soldier, the Baron has sent the bulk of his men north to secure the upper valley and root out any remaining goblins. A widower, he is quite taken by Emmeline, and the people know it. Most suspect she is his new mistress, others think she is just there to make him look good. He merely answers – if he chooses to say anything: “No there is not much to that, just an old man’s fantasy, nothing more. She is an honorable young woman. There is a fondness and chemistry between them; however, that people can’t help but notice.

Lady Rivanon d’Uzec, Journeyman of the College of Bards (on Thalassa):
The Baron’s daughter, a soon-to-be graduate of the Bardic College on Thalassa. How a non-Thalassan got admitted to the College is a mystery, though the Baron’s rank and her deceased mother might have something to do with it. Little else is known about her, save that for the next few months, Emmeline has agreed to be her mentor for at least part of her Bardic ‘adventuring year’.

Sir Kentigern d’Adera of House Auvrey (at party):
A chevalier from one of the noble houses of Adera, Kentigern is on his errancy journey, going from tournament to tournament to win renown and some prize money. He won 510 gp from the Grand Melee. During last nights dinner, he wooed Tiffanie by stating how great his family was, he was, what battles he had fought, who his trainers were, etc. Came off as a conceited boor. Suffice to say, Tiffanie was not swept off her feet, though she appreciated his tall stories of valor. Despite his seeming arrogance, his skill on the field was demonstratively made evident. He carries the favor of the Queen of Love and Beauty of Uzec for this tournament. He has the attention of many of the ladies.

Lance Lieutenant Mikaela Brunét (at party):
A Thalassan Legionnaire, the Lieutenant entered the tournament late and defeated Kentigern during the final list. She was awarded a similar cash prize and the grand prize of a Charger which is awarded at the beginning of the party. Little to nothing is known of her, save that she is Thalassan. Why she is all the way up here is a mystery. She seems a bit shy and introverted, yet confident and resolute.

Sister Joss (at party):
Seemingly a new priestess who has recently arrived, Sister Joss shares a name with a Brother Jos, also of the Temple of Aarith and one of the senior priests. She is sitting in back with a junior priestess, Sister Luoiza of the Arian Sect of Aarith. Emmeline and Tiffanie recognize them both from yesterday morning’s unsuccessful remove curse ceremony.

Rurrick the Hunter (in jail):
An adventurer fighter who has pretty much decided Tiffanie is an enemy and will make her rue the day she messed with him. He is being held by the Town Watch’s Chief Constable Gauthier Brosseau for the second time in as many days. Suffice to say, 500 gp might not be enough to calm him down. His friends could not be held but are being watched.

Dead Thug (soon to be in pauper’s grave):
Sent to capture Emmeline by person’s unknown. Killed by a combination of Tiffanie’s dagger to the leg, a stupidly complicated method of attack, and the power of gravity. Had three friends who likely have left town.

Rahthain, Cole, and Druud (just now realizing their mistake up in Calder Falls)
A group of bounty hunters going after the 20000 gp bounty on the head – and just the head – of Typhon Kné. They seem to be able to outclass the party just on their tough appearance alone. At this moment, it is likely that they are learning about Tiffanie’s curse and kicking themselves for glossing past what is in retrospect obvious. They also feel stupid, especially Cole, who is the smartest of the bunch, if not the wisest. Druud mentioned the old dwarf city of Azenkuul once ruled this valley, but it is long gone.

Raphael d’Argent (at party):
Local minstrel and organizer of the Summer Festival. His cachet has gone way up based on its success, especially as the mood in town is much brighter.

Esmerelda and Kylie (at festival, if not the larger party):
A dress maker and cobbler. Made new clothes, recut old clothes, and made riding boots for Tiffanie.

Morgan (in town, perhaps at the Mocking Nymph)
A mysterious woman, in her early 30s, wearling black. Ivory skin, cropped black hair, and amethyst eyes. She noticed something strange about Emmeline and Tiffanie. She is direct, if sometimes cryptic. Confident, but not arrogant. Twice she has spoken to Tiffanie, warning her of the growing problem in the Eastern Cairns. Emmeline has never met her, though Mara seems to have known her, will know her, and/or may know her soon. She could be a wizard. At least the Constable has seen her and is looking to question her.

3 thoughts on “Epilogue Session 2”

  1. I suddenly had an image of Emmeline barging into the Mocking Nymph, walking up to Morgan, and boldly stating, “Aha! So we meet again for the first time!”

    Well, it makes a strange sort of sense to her anyway… I think Mara is rubbing off on her.

    1. Emmeline could do that. It might even be the right thing to do. Mara is strangely silent on this idea while a big party, partly in your honor, is going on. Though there is a certain feeling of capriciousness (a recently acquired one) that makes the concept appealing.

  2. So very tempting. But the party is a really big draw for Emmeline, I think. It would be hard for her to disappear to go do that just because she is having so much fun. But perhaps very soon. Sometime after the party but before they leave to check out the cairns…

    Then again, maybe leaving the party on a high note is just the right thing to do…

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