Notes by Raena’malarra

I was asked to be maid of honor and set up the wedding for Eidelwyn and Chiara. Eidel had a bachelor party (which I stopped in and enjoyed), and then I was asked to organize also a bachelorette party for Chiara, which was very interesting.

I also found time to begin working on the prince’s reputation. I enlisted Garrick’s help to improve it as well as Mel’s. I want to see if this prince could be made worthy of his title. He did well at the wedding.

The wedding was crashed by Chiara’s mother who spouted all kinds of acid, venomous nonsense. She was shot and it was all a bit messy but she, being a warlock, escaped with a dimension door spell.

Prince Barry Chanar was assigned to us to learn and hopefully survive our journey into the lands that will hopefully soon be ours. And the King said he owes us. Owes me twice…

We began surveying our land by moving along the one road that crosses it. Eventually came across a caravan that had been captured by orcs and orogs. We had a rough time taking them all, but we eventually did!

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