Notes by Raena’malarra

A couple months passed.

Then a sorcerer from a rival group of adventurers was murdered. We of course were suspects, but when the rest of that team was annihilated, we went to work trying to figure this out.

I recalled where I saw the arrows that killed this party. A tribe of Drow had centuries ago split from the Great Houses and moved into the mountains. They were known to use special wood and the feathers of predators on their arrows. They always went for kill shots.

This spurred Lars’ memory and he called them Nys.

Eventually we encountered and defeated a bother and sister pair here for revenge and in the name of their demigod. At the execution, after a failed escape attempt, they were captured by Cortana and revealed the name of the near-god that rules the Nys now. Her name is Everblight.

The female is Nye and the brother is Gem.

After speaking to my mother, I discovered that there is a summoner in the city of Pittax named Raygor. Although this man is an enemy to Drow, mother says he will speak with me. He will know what to do about the dragon soul gems that came out of Nye, Gem and their associate.


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