Notes by Raena’malarra

In her words…

Alfred produced some new designs to modify our new armor to give a green tint because they were all quite distinctive and ornate.

There was a set of fans, made for martial use, that I swiped!

After selling and dividing the loot, I went and purchased some nice, stout chests for members of the adventuring company and met them at a tavern. We had fun, drinks, drugs, truth and dare, all with the king and his enforcer-slash-executioner. Wow! Good times. And I got to show Eidelwyn my fungeon later.

Another day or two later we were contacted by a woman with a missing child. After some squirrel espionage activity, we found the house of someone who stole the kid, beat the living crap out of her and freed the child. Then the city guard came and charged her with multiple murders, kidnapping, practicing demonology (that’s illegal here??), dressing in a manner unbecoming of a woman with that body shape and too many cats.

That night we had a party celebrating the graduation of Eidelwyn’s squire into knighthood. E also was shopping for a new squire. He eventually took two, one human and one elf.

We viewed a draft of the charter proposal, which looks promising and will detail how spring will go.

I am considering hosting a formal winter party, a fund raiser with a per-plate cost with proceeds to go toward funding some kind-hearted thing I haven’t thought of yet. I need to do ambassador stuff.

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