Notes by Raena’malarra of House Torduis

In her words…

Tonight is the night of the traitor noble’s party.  On the way we were met by some wood elf named Aronor who offered his help to us. Apparently sent by the spirit of the forest? Ah, must be that unicorn, Moonchaser, that we saved. I’m unclear as to what we need help with, but whatever.

The crown prince made an appearance! Barathor Wyrmslayer is his name (Wyrmslayer being the family name). Following him was His Majesty Duke Thandor Brightblade. I resolved to stay near the royals – for their safety of course. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to them that they didn’t want to have happen to them.

Ciara’s father, Karandolin Dewdrop arrived, apparently to Ciara’s surprise. He seemed a genuinely good person who wass very proud of his daughter. It was very interesting to meet the family of one of my friends.

Even Eidelwyn’ss parents showed up! I so want to meet them… if I have the time. It seems my, ah, dance card was filling up.

I had a chance to mee the prince and his cousin and given  a cold reception by Thandor, I dropped hint of my involvement in stopping the orc and hobgoblin army. Thandor’s reaction was delicious! He was terrified for  a moment. And now I can suspect he was aware and possibly involved with the conspiracy against the city!

Well, the attack happened as expected. There was an attempt on the Prince’s life, which we foiled, and managed to fight off various guards and minions trying to kill him. After, we convened at my embassy.

Neliel is the majordomo of my embassy. Must try to remember her name…

We went to investigate some of Arnold’s safe houses and found a whole lot of loot in the safe house in the noble district. We have yet to figure out how to liquid the assets.

(550 XPs this session)

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