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Custom miniature ordered!
Custom miniature ordered!

Fallcrest campaign.
Description: At 5’8″, with shoulder-length brown hair and dark, nearly black eyes, Kyrsh is not particularly memorable — which is just how he likes it. A lanky thief with quick hands and a soft step, he tends to find his way in and out of trouble like a shadow slipping across moonlit streets.

Refresh (Current Fate): 3 ()

Physical: ooo
Mental: ooo
A Thief Graced with Wood Magic
Siren Call of Cleavage
I Do This for My Sister
Friends in Low Places
My Mind Palace
+3: Athletics
+2: Burglary, Shoot, Stealth
+1: Deceive, Investigate, Notice
+0: Contacts, Physique, Will

Always a Way In.  +2 to creat an advantage actions with Burglary to place aspects related to gain entry to something or someplace.
Slippery Target. Provided you’re in darkness or shadow, you can use Stealth to defend against Shoot attacks from enemies that are at least one zone away.
Wood Attunement. Physical agility, balance, manipulate growth of plants.

I have a knife, ball of string, cup and a fishing hook.

From my days as a scout in the Brightspear War I have light leather armor (one free invoke/session) and a broken short bow (+1 stress on successful attack).

I found a small golden skull on one lizard guy.

I lived my whole life in Fallcrest. My mother died when I was 13 and I never knew my father. I am 22 years old.

My little sister, six years younger than I, was always a very sick little girl. Treatment for her seizures is expensive and only available from talented herbalists and I have no means of making money legitimately. No one takes on an apprentice with no family, no one to recommend him, and no particular talent in crafting. No one, that is, but thieves. I did what I had to do in order to have the money to help my little sister.

Eventually my talent for magic, especially wood-aspected magic got me noticed. I got free “training” at the academy in Tolenn for Wood magic…

Event: I stole something for the Society of the Grey Mists but felt bad for stealing from the wealthy young woman. I decided to give what I stole back and ended up in hot water for a time, but managed to work my way out of it through my many friends in this thieves guild. Friends in Low Places.

Event: Gellie reminds me of the first girl I had sex with. The wierd part is that I don’t remember that girl’s name. Was it Gellie? Naw! Haha, she’d say something, I’m sure. Siren Call of Cleavage.

Event: I served in the Brightspear Wars for the opportunity to make some cash for medicine for my sister. Grundvara found out and was not impressed but turned down my offer to get her some private time with handsome Captain Ricker. I Do This for My Sister

Event: When the knitting circle and the Archon’s Priesthood came into conflict (they made cloaks, they sent payment via me… and the knitters never got it). I was found out and got a free brainwashing in Tolenn for it. My Mind Palace

My friends are: Hettie Seon, Gellie, Elroy and Grundvara.

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