Notes by Raena’malarra of House Torduis

Session 2014-1-3. In Raena’s words…

So here we are, elite fodder for battle. Joy… but at least I got these suped-up bracers that help me avoid some injury. Anyway, looks like we have a choke point. Narrow gap, a couple towers for the flanks and 300 seasoned soldiers.

Hm. This sounds somehow familiar. And I have a bad feeling about this.

Let’s review, shall we?

We left the city two days before the orcs were to arrive. We get to the pass to the east, and the orcs are practically here already. They have camped some distance away. And they have wargs.

We set some bomb traps in the night, fighting off a scout patrol in the mean time and then dawn arrived. Dammit. I hate bright sunny, happy days. And Eidelwyn trapped, with explosives, a couple foot paths that could bypass our position.

After some fighting on the side paths, we noted the elves did indeed hold the center. Even though a second army had showed up. Wow. Still, there were 12 dead on our side, 10-15 injured and unable to fight, but the rest were still in fighting shape. There were mounds. MOUNDS of dead of the enemy orcs and hobgoblins. There were 10,000 total of the enemy now, of course before counting the dead. Anyway, they pulled back.

Eight goblin slaves (including 1 female) surrendered to us. I’ve decided to take to the training of these goblins to be proper servants. Well 5 of them anyway. For now, they were prisoners. Another 67 or so surrendered later.

We spoke to the Hob and Orc leaders at a parlay and they were kind of wavering on whether to press the attack. I told them my House would be upset and revealed my drow self and they freaked and sort of gave up. Nice!

My goblin retainers: Larry, Deryl, Other Deryl, Jim, Bob.

Erathor Firebrand, nephew to the king and son of the king’s older brother was seen by the goblins to be kabitzing with the leadership of the enemy. Uh oh. He was supposed to be dead, disappeared in a battle 60 years ago.

When we got to the city we saw the general. I got 500 gold for the temporary captain’s commission.

We worked out something with the general to trade the rest of the BOOM juice for the fine equipment, a writ to equip us with horses, etc. And we won’t have to try to store it!

(I keep the neat bracers of defense +1!)

There is a party being thrown by someone we now know to be a traitor. It sounds like the general has some ideas about rounding up the traitor and possible other conspirators. Veeeery interesting!

I was given the most beautiful horse in the world. His name is Morndir and he’s jet black, which is of course the most beautiful color in the world. He’s the brother of Eidelwyn’s own warhorse. Maximul or Mortimer or Minimus or something like that is his horse’s name.

We also got a belt with a flask. It’s a potion of healing.

Oh AND while I was out House Torduil established an embassy in the city! How exciting! Now I have someplace to stay.

So of course the first thing I did was introduce my five new sla– I mean goblin servants to the guards at the embassy. My embassy. Need to get used to that. I also introduced them to my embassy’s keeper [whose name my player accidentally erased before recording here], and had a little powwow with her. After getting her up to date, I visited the mirror room and spoke with my mother.

Upon hearing of my recent exploits with my new associates, she was pleased. Smiled even when I told her what we accomplished and what I was planning! For the first time in my life, she was impressed. For the first time, she was proud of me…

After that, it was off to see Eidelwyn and meditate a little. He seems to enjoy my meditation techniques.

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