Notes by Raena’malarra of House Torduis

Session on 2014-11-22. In Raena’s words…

We got together to become an adventuring group and are attempting to build reputation by doing some useful things for the kingdom. Long term goal: we create our own kingdom.

In the woods we killed a bunch of kobolds and investigated a cave. There we released a unicorn, and Garrick took the shackles that kept it teleporting away. I wonder what he intends to do with them?

We killed a kobold cook, a whole ton of guards and some magic user that was engaged in some kind of ritual. We did discover this was a tomb of a fallen wood elf hero. The tomb is so old it was buried. Probably 2000 years old! Or more. I read an inscription to find out this was Tyrion Starfall. After we did not mess with his tomb’s chamber he appeared, offered thanks, and Eidelwen received a sword. Seems big time magic, something whose power might grow, but I don’t know for sure. I don’t care for arms and armor and the like. I’m more hands-on.

56 kills in the dungeon. Whewh! We were kind of tired after that.

Moon Chaser, by the way, is the unicorn whose mate was killed by the kobolds and who we rescued. He was rather happy about not being eaten by kobolds and also sad about his thoroughly cooked mate. We gave him her horn and he seemed pleased.

The assault plans we retrieved, plus Werner’s testimony (a leader we captured) to the city indicated that in a week they were to get barrels from the portal set up by a kobold wizard. They’d be taken to the undermining tunnels and 5 days later the wall collapsed. About 700′ of wall would be destroyed. Two days before that 2000 orcs would have approached and arrived in time to rush the wall. 4000 orcs and 1000 humans would have taken the city, captured the king as hostage. Scouts were to have done a diversion to draw the city forces away from the walls. Such was the plan.

Of course we still have thousands of orcs on their way…


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