Notes by Raena’malarra of House Torduis

Session 2014-12-20. In Raena’s words…

After some rest we helped put this village together. There was in fact a defensive wall. So this frontier collection of hovels exposed to the blinding, unmerciful light of the glaring sun is actually habitable. For humans. I think they empty their chamberpots in the street. Humans smell bad. They even have these ditch things with bike spikes. Holy Gaeruilil! But they know how to prepare for a battle. I have a sinking feeling this fight will be more educational for me than I’d like.

The orcs obligingly attacked at midnight! Points for good timing. They tried to use flaming arrows and such but the outer wall of this village had been fire proofed with some kind of sticky resin. Wow, these humans are smarter than they smell good!

Anyway, orc attacked led by orogs and one chieftain on a nightmare. Hah! We won of course, or I wouldn’t be writing this.

We got to town with a big load of loot and a general debriefed us. That was a little boring, but the King did show up and ask Eidelwyn about his sword. Apparently it belonged to the King’s grandfather. Wow…

Anyway we then found out our previous report of impending attack was ignored. Bad news. And apparently the missions we took weren’t to have been outsourced. Someone is a traitor inside the City’s power structure!

So they asked us to deal with some more stuff while they cleaned house.

After that we found an inn in the inner district called the Blossoming Flower.

Later, I got an invite to a party from this noble Arnold Sternbacher fellow. Huh. Don’t really know him. The party was to happen the day the walls were to come down. Interesting…

Anyway we are to go out to that kobold hole and await the explosives that Werner said were to be delivered. Army requisitioners outfitted us. I spent a little free time we had catching up with friend up in the noble quarter.

Once there we caught this alchemist delivering incredibly powerful explosives. He told us this guy named Arnold was his contact and that pretty much puts two and three together. Or is it some other number? I’m not much for math.

Anyway, after that we headed off to join up with the army sent by the king to stop those 4,000 orc. There were like three hundred of them all told, but they were King’s Guard, each with 100 years of fighting experience. Me? I’d have sent some less experience people with them to absorb casualties.

Oh wait. That would be us… ::sigh::

Anyhow we started setting up for the big battle at a pair of forts, both made of adamantine. Holy Gaeruilil!! ADAMANTINE??? This country is freakin’ rich…

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