Notes by Raena’malarra of House Torduis

Session 2014-12-6. In Raena’s own words…

After a day of celebration and loot dividing we took up the second mission to investigate farms. We found one at the end of a day of travel. (We went during the day. Why? Whyyyyy?)  We fought off some orcs and saved the family.

I noticed there some buildings on fire, including one with horses. Big deal, right? Yes it was! Don’t look at me like that. It was important because the cleric Meluiwen went to save the animals. I think Ciara almost died, but luckily a bit of magic saved her from the orc boss that had run her down. Anyway, like I said we fought them off.

The family inside the burning house seemed to be in desperate straights. There was a man fighting to the death on the front porch to save them. How curiously noble! I doubt mother would do that for her children. Anyway, after dispatching the orcs that were intent on taking him apart, I helped him get his wife and kids out.  Hopefully they didn’t notice that little slip I made telling them to hurry and run for the slave caravan. Old habits and all. Of course there is no slave caravan that I know of!

My team seems to have switched to doing battle at night. Much better! No cruel sun to burn out one’s retinas. We hates it, yes we do. The bigness of the sky at night is enough to deal with that big silvery orb screwing with my head. Moon I think they called it. Dumb name! Don’t they know that “moon” is what you do to insult someone?

Where was I? Oh yes.

Then we stopped an attack on this later village. They put us up at the inn for that, thinking we are some kind of savior or something. Mostly humans here so I guess they are desperate. We also discovered that orcs were planning to attack the next night at midnight. Sound like a serious battle is due to ensue! I ran off to town to warn folks since no one else knows how to run quickly. They need more physical exercise and to wear less armor. Don’t they know the best defense is NOT TO GET HIT??

Whatever. We’ll save these people, fight off countless orcs and get accolades and showers of gold, I’m just sure of it! Then we’ll go off and found a kingdom and because of that the new kingdom will automatically be a trading partner with House Torduis! And then because it will be recognized by the City of Garandor, trade will have to be accepted there, too! I’ll be a hero to my people, impress my mother and get to party for weeks at a time.

This is going to be great!

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