Current Party Loot List

Stuff in the party treasure and not yet divided up:

  • Spell book with Burning Hands, Tensor’s Floating Disk, and Grease.
  • A stone device (not yet attuned) that can serve as a teleportation anchor. It’s worth half a kingdom (or more!) and can be synchronized with another portal stone for operation. It’s small enough to carry in a sack or pack.
  • Rope of Climbing. Appears to be made of a fine silk.

3 maps of foreign lands preserved under glass.

Small bag of holding.

The party fund receives one full share. Part was spent (150 gold) to purchase a wagon and a pair of draft horses for the Green Cloaks (that’s us) to use.

Note that Eidelwyn has paid general living expenses for us out of pocket. He should be reimbursed, but has refused so far. Reimbursement could easily also come out of party funds…

Party funds: 7912 gp, 75 sp, 88 cp

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