Khelekeska City Map

My first attempt to do a map of a city with many tens of thousands of residence, the Khelekeska map is what I’d call semi-complete. It’s got enough of what we need to work with, but as we adventure, more places and features are likely to be added.

Below the map I’ve added details about each of the 21 key locations.

Khelekeska City Map
Khelekeska City Map

1. Harbor Breakwater

After the Healing, the sea returned. Shifts in the land upon which the city stood caused the eastern portion to fall below the new sea level and was flooded. Some towns and cities had to rebuild completely following the resurrection of Erandor, so the ice elves of this city count themselves fortunate they did not need to rebuild from scratch and that the populace had been saved from terrible losses.

Originally land-locked, the city has re-imagined itself as a major port on the north coast. To be successful, however, a breakwater was needed to protect ships moored to the new docks. Countless tons of shattered rock — mostly broken marble upon which most of the city was originally built, was used to construct the breakwater.

2. Port Lighthouse

This is the sole beacon of light to guide ships to harbor. However, it is a massive tower raised atop the highest cliff and visible for up to 25 miles out to sea.

3. Noble Quarter

The city is divided into “quarters” with orange lines that generally follow the internal city walls. The noble quarter is dominated by the huge fortified manors of the three most powerful ice elf families of the city. Lesser nobility occupies the next lower terrace.

4. Anwen Bay

This bay is the only one in Khelekeska that features a beach that allows boats and even ships to be pulled up on shore. This makes it also the point of embarkation for new-built ships. It is tightly controlled by the nobility.

5. Academy for the Holy Circle of Jora

More commonly referred to as simply the Academy, this is the place magical training can take place. It’s structured like a university, with each of ten schools of magic represented. Not only is instruction provided here, it’s the only place where magic can legally (and safely) be practiced by apprentices. Once enough control is learned, spell-slingers of all sorts can apply for a license that will give them permission to use magic anywhere.

6. Cricket’s

One of many inns, Cricket’s owner is also a bard. Every night he will perform one song, but that isn’t the primary feature of the inn. It has become a rather exclusive stop to find the very best musicians around. Success is judged by audience reaction and exemplary performances are richly rewarded — often by lucrative sponsorships by wealthy individuals.

7.Warehouse District

While other buildings throughout the city have been used for storage, these buildings near the North Docks serve as the primary location for goods either arriving by ship or being prepared to leave.

8. North Docks

These docks are used primarily by merchant vessels moving large goods.

9. Central Docks

The newest-built docks serve as a place for refit and repair for the ships of the Eventide Admiralty.

10. South Dock

Some captains will transport people as well as goods and will do so for bargain-basement prices. This is the place to find them.

11. Eventide Admiralty/Harbormaster

The guild master of the Eventide Admiralty, Admiral Faranrod, is also the harbormaster for the city. His office is located in the same building from which he directs the powerful shipping guild.

12. Combat Training Center

Used by adventuring guilds and the Khelekeska City Guard alike, martial training can be had here to cover everything from dueling, archery, mass combat, and soldiering.

13. Acropolis

Each of the ten gods of Erandor have an entire temple dedicated to them. These are situated on a high hill overlooking both the city and the valley beyond.

14. City Hall

Also located on the acropolis, City Hall is a magnificent building. Like all the buildings on the acropolis, it’s made entirely of marble raised from quarries now drowned under the sea.

15. City Guard Headquarters

This serves as both primary headquarters for the city’s law enforcement arm and as a jail. The dungeon runs deep, they say, although the lowest levels flooded ten years ago.

16. Market District Commerce Center

Mostly called that because “market square” doesn’t quite fit when the area is actually a circle. This is the busiest market in the city and is the first one to receive new goods fresh off the boats. It’s often also the first place caravans will go to set up.

Renting a stall isn’t cheap, though, so after the initial rush of business many merchants will take up business in one of the other markets to sell whatever else they can before they must leave to replenish their supply.

17. Merchant Guildhouse

There are dozens of guilds in the city, each governing a particular piece of commerce and representing different groups of artisans. The city leadership, however, had them organize themselves into a more formal structure with an overall Merchant Guild whose function it is to be sure that income and taxes are reported properly and to act as a moderator for inter-guild disputes. The Merchant Guild of Khelekeska works closely with the High Magistrate and Lord Executor.

18. Inner City Cemetery

This is the oldest cemetery and no longer used for new burials. Khelekeska tradition favors cremation, then burying the ashes along with a few personal items describing the deceased in a small chamber dug about three feet underground. This grew from age-old fears of necromancers using bodies of the dead as vessels for dangerous spirits summoned from the Shadow.

This fear, of course, is not unwarranted.

Cremation cuts a would-be necromancer off from his primary resource, or at least that is what is commonly believed and so this tradition has remained.

19. Avonian Quarter Market Square

This market has a reputation for being the place to find both illicit and poor quality goods. Naturally, it resides in the avonian quarter.

20. Dwarf District Marketplace

Given the labyrinthine nature of the dwarf quarter, would-be buyers had great difficulty finding the dwarf artisans with whom they wished to do business. Therefore, the dwarves cleared a huge section from the heart of their own district and put in place rules that only businesses would line it and that the market area itself would be given over entirely to entertainments and stalls for traveling merchants. It has been a success, though its distance from the docks prevents it from ever overshadowing the sheer amount of business done in the Market District proper.

21. Khelekeska City Cemetery

Huge. Quiet. Contemplated. These words all describe this park-like cemetery very well. It is partitioned so that families and neighbors and friend can all keep their dead buried together.

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