Shadow Fate Session 17 Nero gets away

ShaowFate Session 17 September 27, 2014

Started search for person that looks like my sire. I asked Warren and his contacts couldn’t remember seeing such a person. I contacted Caspian or Arcasia about information on my sire and her sire and childer.

Payden was taken then Max was snatched after Nero found out Renee was killed.

Lilah and Ayita went to feed. Then Garrett went to feed.

The club has been attacked. Stephanie was hurt in the attack and was dying. Mel decided to let her go rather than force her into the un-life he was living.

The shadow gate team’s location that Devon, Cinder, and Brennan we based out of was attacked.

The music school was attacked and burned about 70% of the overnight people were killed or missing.

Warren talked with Mel and Mel decided to turn Stephanie after all. She seems ok but only time will tell.

We got word of the area Nero was in, he was supposed to be travelling in a convoy of vehicles.

I T-boned two cars driving one into the other then started walking to the park with Steph. We were better set up to take them there. Ayita ran past me to engage the ones in the wrecked cars and Garrett caused the other car to crash. Lilah swerved by but didn’t hit anyone. Trying to duplicate my maneuver but the driver of the last car was better a better driver than she. Warren and Logan drove off trying to catch the other car.

Lilah took cover behind her car. I ran up to help cover Ayita and Steph covered Garrett.

We took out the Lieutenants in the three Cars and their minions. Nero got away but I called it in.

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