Shadow Fate Session 12 Little Break out

Shadow Fate session 12
May 12, 2032
We went back to the mansion and got cleaned up, some of the group, Logan, Ayita, Garrett, and Lilah, are going to investigate the fight club to see if Sarah has been taken there and perhaps take in a fight. When they got there, I got a call asking if Logan was going to fight again. I said he was there to look over the competition to see if it was worth his time. I texted Logan letting him know what I told them. A little later, Logan texted me saying that one of the sheriffs hounds, Zader / Zander was an entrant on the current fight club. I texted the sheriff asking if he was supposed to be investigating the fight club. He texted back that he had been missing since the ruckus.
Warren pointed out an interesting item in the E-paper that I subscribe too: Museum Heist more than 1000 items from all periods in time have recently been stolen. Archeologist and security personnel are still trying to determine the full nature of the theft. The police have no comment on the robbery itself but did state that “A number of items have already been recovered.” Sources inside the department have said that the thieves were covered by a sniper. They also confirmed that no police available in the area itself, even though there had been a rash of vandalism in the area on previous nights.
The group investigating the fight club think Sarah is being held at fight club by someone who manages the fighter Slade. She seems to be unwilling and held against her will. The manager is named Philly or Frank.
Aaron Stone a shadow gate investigator is now working with Warren as his shadow gate partner.
The girls spent 3 million dollars for some time with that night’s champions, Slade and Zander/Zader.. An additional 50,000 was also spent on someone else to get information about Sarah. She is there and Slade is part of her pack. He doesn’t want to be without her and doesn’t seem to want us to free her. Karl is the name of his manager. Zader is here and drugged and his memory has been erased or altered. The groups has also decided to fight in the arena. Ayita decided to use Injin Jane as her stage name, while Garrett wanted Mr. Fix it.
Garrett fought first and won his first bout quickly with brute force style. Ayita won her bout even faster. Her style seemed to be chop off a limb and if they still give you trouble chop off another one.
Logan had disappeared during the bouts. Payden is on her way. I spotted Logan when his phone rang. He went into a corner and had a whispered conversation while I distracted the concierge. About half-way into that distraction Warren texted that I might want to take another look at the young man we looked at earlier so I arranged it with the concierge.
The young man was really trying to impress this time I could see it in the way he was moving. While he was moving and his manager was present, Warren and Payden went to free Sara using the information Logan had aquirred. I bought Derrick’s contract from Karl von Richtofen Slade’s manager and the person that was holding Sarah. I got a text from Warren saying that he was at Elisabeth’s old apartment. I stayed at the apartment with the werewolves, and Derrick. Lilah stayed with me. The others went and busted Zader out. While I was there I talked to Derrick about himself and what he wanted in life.

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