Shadow Fate Session 16 Wings that work

Shadow Fate Session 16 August 16, 2014

There was a mad rush out the door, Eric left to gather a crew to join us to help take out Nero.

We went to Wal-Mart but didn’t buy anything. Warren made some calls and found what he believed was an alternate way to the relic.

Then I called Jacks, an army surplus and outfitting store and asked him to open up for some late night shopping. We spotted a tail and pulled into a pull off., next to a semi that read Jack’s pork chop express

on the side. Warren and Lilah got out of the car, then I got my sniper rifle ready. Warren lifted one car and put it on the other. The Trucker got into his truck and started it then jumped back out as Garret got in the passenger side. Garrett said something about that was a good hit. I bought a phone for $800. Ayita gave Jack her card and we got out of there.

We got to the literal end of the road and turned around after my phone rang. It was Stephanie. Max has been taken and her servant as been hurt. So now, Nero has Payden, Max, and Catherine. He is probably going to kill them all. Garret and Logan went to investigate the building that we think they are in it has lots of people in there more than we could handle. After bit I noticed a giant grey arrow pointing to one of the buildings and then a 30. Somehow I think it a subtle sign from Logan. Noir gave everyone wings that wanted them. The rest of the group flew up. I gave the signal and fog flooded the room. The Group flew up and broke the window. Payden pulled herself off the wall. Max and Odin were still bound on the wall. Catherine was grabbed by Garrett. Logan grabbed Max and Ayita went for Odin.

Payden was shooting some sort of spiked chains out. I didn’t know she could do that. Lilah and I were happily adding to the confusion by shooting things and creating panic. Logan got Max and Headed to the window. Ayita managed to free Odin. Catherine was attacking. I guess she wasn’t ready to leave the party and wanted some payback.

Someone got in Garret’s way and he made them so scared they ran out the window that the others had broken through. Logan brought Max to me and Ayita brought Odin. I pick up the rifle again and shot one of the people on Warren. Catherine was brought to me by Logan she looked all partied out. Garrett was grabbed by Ayita. Warren went out the window and dropped someone.

We got everyone out. I thought I saw my sire but I thought she was dead so have to check that out.

I got everyone to the club then went home and picked everyone up from the Mansion and went to one of my safehouses after stopping at the club again.

I got Warren and so Payden could feed. Then he exercised the spirit.

Skill points.

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