Shadow Fate Session 15 Payden is Missing

Shadow Fate Session 15 August 2, 2014

May 17, 2032

I called a meeting Warren and Payden were missing.

I was able to contact Warren. But not Payden or Odin. When I called her I heard her phone ringing upstairs but only a worn looking Russell was there trying to keep up with two babies. Fang had been busy watching a squirrel eat because it was eating on the kitchen table.

Erick was there when I got back down to the kitchen. We told him that we can’t find Payden. Eric said that he would get his people looking.

Lilah was able to contact Payden telepathically. She and Odin were in Nero’s hands.

Warren said we should go take back Eric’s Club.

Payden is not sure where she is, She is on the move, First warrior.

We are doing to have the final battle we will meet Nero at the sacred site. Its hidden under the Lake. My joy knows no bounds.

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