Shadow Fate Session 14 A Walk in the park

Shadow Fate Session 14 July 19, 2014

May 14

A rougher element seemed to be trying to settle into the club but so far Garrett seems to encouraging them to move on or at least play nice.

Lilah came to me and asked how far to go and take things because she didn’t want to cause trouble. We talked and I said stick up for yourself but don’t go overboard.

Renee came into the club to see Logan, sent a note that called him a Frienemy and a box with a heart we think its human but are not sure. But then left angry. Logan needed a new phone number somehow Renee got his old number.

May 15

The next night he got Roses with blood in them.

We got a text asking us to meet in Warrens office. Once we got there Ayita told us,“ What Nero is looking for is extremely dangerous and could destroy the world and it buried under this city.”

He is looking to control something on the equivalent of a Titan. He has a habit of moving from city to city, taking what he pleases.

We are going to send Nero on a Goose chase.

(Sacred Pipe of old ones, bone of knife of first victim, cloak of the warrior that entombed him, Feather from Headdress of Grand Father Tortoise Shell)

Tears of the Mother, Blood of the Father, Soul of the First Warrior

May 16

The William exhibit will be unveiled. Logan may invite Renee. We may try and ambush her if Logan can get her to take a moonlit walk with him. We will have the hounds on stand-by.

I called in some mortal security from my firm to beef up security for the presentation.

The club was closed to the general public from 6 until 10, and the work was unveiled at 9:00.

Renee did show up. Logan and Renee went to the underground and I went to my office to get ready for opening the club. I heard later that they had some, a-lot of fun in the private room.

A very nervous Arcasian came up to me and said He had someone that requires me to talk to him. I said very well and then he said Its Nero.

Nero made me an offer. Join him run his finances, have power and not worry about the tithe.

I spotted someone following Logan and alerted everyone.

Renee and Logan walked to the fire-engine. The cars pulled up and 6 people got out.

Renee jumped off the fire-engine.

Battle was joined.

The hounds were busy with a couple of the guards.

Logan and Ayita were fighting Renee and not doing well.

Garett was talking to one of the guards but as long as he was keeping him from fighting I count it was a win.

Lylah and I were back trying to shoot people.

One came at us and I dominated it and took control after he broke the table I was hiding behind over my head.

We went and helped the hounds by the time it was over Renees battle ended as well.

We headed their way Logan disappeared and then Renee disappeared. Then she reappeared next to Garret.

The two remaining guards threw grenades. We scattered and then attacked.

Renee kept getting attacked by Poison Squirrels that would bite her and die. There is a joke there somewhere but I am too tired to reach for it.

With Dar and Carrion’s help we took Renee down.

One hound was left standing the one from the arena that we rescued, Zader.

One of Renee’s people got away so I am guessing that Nero will know.

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