Shadow Fate Session 13 The School Daze that never happened

Shadow Fate Session 13 June 21, 2014

May 12

The group went back to get Zader. I stayed in Elizabeth’s old apartment. With Sarah, Slade, and Derrick.

The Others went to Payden’s old house after their snatch and grab. I texted the Sherriff that we had Zader and that we would return him the next night.

May 13

The next night we woke up and I could tell the drugs had worn off. Sarah was pissed and Derrick was crying. Slade seemed the happiest and the calmest. I also found out that Sarah’s and Morgan’s pack is called Red Silence Pack.

It turns out that part of Derrick’s drug regime was allergy medicine. He is allergic to dogs or at least wolves. Sarah was getting her right mind back and wasn’t sure if she liked anyone let alone her “Mate”. Slade was just happy to be there with her. He seemed to be helping to keep her from flying off the handle and taking a fair amount of abuse but still happy.

I talked to Derrick some more and he decided that he just wanted to stay with me for now.

We got a call from Ayita something about a feral werewolf at a High School. When we got there I saw Payden, Logan, and Ayita take down three running students. Katherine and Garret had three pinned to the ground. I got out of the car and then walked over to Lilah’s door and opened it and said good work everyone then walked inside.

I could tell that some sort of party and panic had hit.   I saw a severed arm mixed in with some of the torn down decorations. We calmed the kids down and started to clean up. Ayita disappeared and then we got a text saying that the others found some injured kids. I performed first aid and immobilized the leg and stopped the bleeding and then took care of the other one then dragged them back to the gym on an over turned table. Just as we got there another werewolf popped up howling from under a table in the gym. I handed Lylah my gun and said it has silver bullets, don’t miss. She shot and distracted it and when it charged me I dropped it with a sleep command. All told there were six kids dead and 20 wounded including 5 that were bitten. We were trying to come up with a story but the best one I could think of was something about: a rival school dressing up as werewolves and then set dogs loose one of which was rabid.

This was too big and Warren called Shadow Gate then someone stepped through a portal. Devon, Cynder, some girl, Brennen whose dark hair went to mid-back, and a tall man that didn’t look familiar of all. Devon’s hair is white and a little longer that is was the last time I saw him.

Devon and the girl were arguing when Cynder said I have an idea he made a call and Noir stepped out of mid-air as well. Devon levitated and a Wind twirled around his hair. The Girl and Noir were looking drained. Everything was cleaned and back to normal. They said it never happened.

One skill point..

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