The Admiral’s Alliance Part 2

Looking around Jarus spotted his contact sitting in a booth by herself.

Jarus paused to order a pair of Arkanian Pales from the ‘tender before continuing toward Bre’ah. In his experience, bartenders appreciated customers, not loiterers who took up their space. It didn’t matter if anything was actually consumed, so long as a drink or two had been purchased.

Jarus arrived at Captain Bre’ah’s table. He set down the drinks and presented a little half-smile. “Captain.”

The captain didn’t even look up at Jarus.  “I knew I should have said ‘come in disguise’.   Well have a seat, the damage has been done.”

Bre’ah took the offered drink and used it to move her empty glass to the side.  “Enjoy your drink, and we’ll see if we can get out if here alive…”

Jarus sat down but casually loosened the short green robe that marked him. If there would be trouble, he wanted easy access to his lightsaber, though if he was concerned it didn’t show on his face.

Her reaction hinted that she thought interested parties might be close by, so he took a casual look around, carefully noting those who were watching them.

Being as casual as he could be Jarus noticed a few eyes on him.   But, when eye contact was made they quickly looked away.  It wasn’t until Jarus locked eyes with a well-armed Rodian.   The Rodian seemed to be part of a group and as Jarus looked them over, he noticed they all watched him as well.  Just then Bre’ah interjected, “Yep!  That’s the one we gotta watch out for.   A local hunter named Romon.  Word is a contract was put out on my head the minute I landed.  He’s been keeping tabs on me, waiting for a good time to get me.  Word also says he’s been hired by a Sith Lord…  Thus my call to the local Jedi.”

Bre’ah took a drink, “Now that you’re here and it’s obvious you’re a Jedi, I’m sure there’s reinforcements waiting outside to back him up.  Any ideas on how you would like to handle this?”

At the point Bre’ah pulled back her hood to reveal herself.   It had been a long time since Jarus had seen Bre’ah.  Her hair was short and silvery white.   It was the silver in her hair that made it stand out from her pale white skin.  Her grayish eyes narrowed as she took another drink.

“The Sith no longer exist,” Jarus said automatically, repeating the official line of his order.

But Jarus wasn’t really thinking about possible Sith lords. His mind was already calculating odds of successful defense for when the group of hunters made their move, likelihood of avoiding confrontation, and which of Romon’s group would be the second one Jarus would be forced to disable in order secure Captain Bre’ah’s safety.

But then he looked back at Bre’ah and his careful plans fell to pieces. Her hair and flesh were so pale, he would have taken her for one of his own species, an offshoot of Arkanian stock. Five years ago, Bre’ah was just a kid, newly into her teens. But now…

It took a moment for his brain to reboot itself and for him to quickly put aside an unexpected rush of emotions. Not to ignore them, but he would have to deal with them later. Right now, survival was the priority. And since his brain was busy enough trying to keep his eyes from straying back toward Bre’ah and staring, he decided simple was best.

“Um,” Jarus cleared his throat and looked away. This place had only one way in and out. Crap. “I think you are not the Dathomiri they are looking for.” He leaned forward as he began to stand up to whisper, “Stay close.”

He stood and left the table without a backward glance but aware of Bre’ah in his shadow. As he passed close to the Rhodian, Jarus said quietly with a subtle wave of two fingers, “The one you are looking for is not here.”

Suddenly, Romon looked around panicked. His henchmen also looked around on guard but also very confused.

“She’s GONE!  You idiots!   That’s not the one were looking for!”  His men looked at each other confused even more since they had been following Bre’ah for three days.

The Rodian hit his closest lackey in the chest and headed for the exit, henchmen in toe…

Jarus brought Bre’ah to a corner of the room and stood so she wouldn’t be easily seen from the entryway, though she could still see past his shoulder. “We’ll give them two minutes to clear out, but Romon’s confusion won’t last long.”

Bre’ah looked at Jarus and smiled. “My turn.”

Taking a small com link from her belt she whispered quietly, “D7?  D7… Execute “Night Night”… Repeat, execute “Night Night”.

** Scene change to outside the Sway Dune**

Twenty ruffians surrounded Romon in confusion outside the Sway Dune entrance.   Just as he starts to shake the blurry influence, an astromech droid that looked a little run down rolled by carrying a tray with a number of boxes on it.   It seemed to hit a rock and one of the containers fell to the ground.   As the crowd stood quietly and watched the droid disappear in the shadows, one of the thugs decided to pick it up.   when he looked at it closely,  it suddenly beeped three times and exploded.

**Back in the Dune Sway**

Bre’ah listened as D7 reports to her via her commlink.

“Okay!  Time to go!”

Running back to the space port seemed easy enough. The brute squad lay unconscious from the neurotoxin grenade and this late at night the fast paced had an easy time avoiding any other obstacles.

Bre’ah lead Jarus to the dock for her ship.  As they turned a corner she stopped and looked around nervously.  “Something’s not right?”  D-7 isn’t here to meet us.  That means, he either broke down on the way here,  or we’re not alone.  I programmed him to evacuate if there were any signs if trouble.”

Just then a deep voice that ended in a gravely tone snaked from the shadows.

“Oh I would say there’s trouble.”

From those shadows a dark figure dressed in black robes emerged to face the two.

“Captain… You took something not meant for you.   Finish your delivery and give me my trappings…”

Bre ‘ah put her hand on her holster and calmly replied, “Too late.  I gave it to him.”   After her response she expertly moved herself behind Jarus, but not letting her sight leave the target.

Jarus turned toward the newcomer and pushed his robe back to expose the double-hilted saber. He said nothing, but stretched out his senses and let his body loosen in preparation for battle. Other Jedi would issue a warning. Jarus’ warning was in his body language and the calm but dangerous look in his eyes. If this man was Sith, or wanted to become one, it would be revealed soon enough.

The figure did not move, or if he did it was hard to tell from all the robes.

“So, the rumors are true.  We have a Jedi in our midst.  So let’s try this the peaceful way.  Master Jedi, this captain is a thief and has my property in her possession.  Please help me in retreating what is rightfully mine.”

Jarus could hear Bre’ah behind whisper, “Huh, didn’t see that coming…”

Jarus’ steady, calm gaze didn’t waver. “I have been called upon to investigate what may be a very dangerous artifact. If the item is not dangerous, I’m certain Captain Bre’ah will have no trouble completing her contract with you.” He left it unsaid, but he had no intention of letting a Sith artifact fall into anyone’s hands.

The figure stood quietly for a number of uncomfortable seconds.

“Fine.  It will be the hard way then.”

The contrast of the two red light sabers is striking as it illuminates a shadowy face to reveal the cheek tendrils of a pure blood Sith.  A smile came over it as it readied.

Jarus response was instant. With a gesture, he slammed a telekinetic wave of force into the Sith and followed it with a surging leap. His double lightsaber was in hand and ignited in midair and angled across his body. Jarus’ opening move was intended to throw his opponent off balance and on his back while Jarus’ attack then severed the Sith’s own twin sabers.

The force blast did push the Sith back a number if feet.  But, using his own teachings in the force he was able to stay on his feet.  The leap did put him on the defensive.   Sabers clashed as a whirl of attacks came forth.  Jarus was taken back at first by the gathered and anger he sensed from his opponent.  But, only for an instant.  Ending his flury of attacks he reaches out and pulls towards himself.  Jarus senses something big coming at him from behind. Just as he’s about to avoid the attack, he hears a familiar voice yell out, “I got it!”

Suddenly a burst of blaster fire rings out as Jarus suddenly feels the threat behind him is no longer.

Jarus executed another leap, this time clearing the Sith to land behind the dark opponent. This forced the Sith to make a choice — face the Jedi Knight there and he’d expose his back to Bre’ah. Face the starship captain and he’d have one of the deadliest foes in the galaxy at his back.

Suddenly, Bre’ah could sense Jarus in her mind. It was like someone standing in the doorway, politely waiting to be let in; she instinctively knew that if she didn’t want him there, she could push him out.

She sensed his approval for her actions, then words formed. [If we work together, think as one, he will never defeat us,] Jarus sent. She could sense that all she had to do was give her approval and they could think — and act — as one.

Crouched and at the ready, the dark figure never left sight if Jarus.  He sensed the skill of this Jedi and he had help.  Leaping straight into the air he used his frustration and hatred to build a force wall below him.  Coming down and striking the ground exploded the wall and a dome if force energy made Jarus steady his footing as he slid back several feet.   Bre’ah went flying and tumbled on the ground.  Shaking her head and never looking up she gave Jarus a thumbs up.

Seeing his area was clear, the Sith leaped up again, this time a silent dark craft zoomed overhead.  The Sith grabbed the vehicle and was suddenly out if view and away from the scene.

“That’s right… Don’t … mess with a Jedi…” Bre’ah slowly got up.

Jarus studied the ship for the few moments there were before it disappeared from sight, then turned toward Bre’ah. He walked swiftly to her and helped her to her feet. “Are you okay Captain?”

Shaking her head again she crumbled, “Yep!  And I think it’s about time we departed this planet and figured out another place to go.  Someplace safe.”

Looking around a bit she looked a little lost. “D7?!?”

After a few more inquiries an older model astromech droid beeps it’s head from around a corner in an adjacent alley.

“Got any ideas?”

“Dantooine,” he said right away. It was a quiet world and reasonably peaceful. An agricultural planet. “I could meet you there?”

“Sounds good!” Bre’ah replied. “I’ll gather the package and meet you there.   I’ll find you when I get there.  Here’s a personal Commlink.  I’ll call you if there’s any trouble. Good luck!”

And with that Bre’ah disappeared in the shadows… With a somewhat beater droid following behind.

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