Faeln PC Aspects

Adept of the Way of the Lightning Tree
Drunken Bastard
Would-be Heir to Nerium
Friends in Low Places
Pals to the End

Touched by the Elements (Thanks Mom!)
Heptarian Is My Bane
Pals to the End
Natural Talent In Combat
People Are Drawn to Me

Enormous Red Dragon/Renowned Thief
Sticky Fingers
I Only fly as Fast as I see, Besides It’s All in the Reflexes
Secret Hoard in the Mountain
Secret Ally of the Merfolk of Mermaid Cove

Entrancing Fair Elven Princess
My loyalty lies with my family
My faithful companion has my back
Magic is in my blood
Mystical connection with twin brother Mawl

Scary Hobgolin Tank
I’m a Fucking Hobgoblin
Mystical Connection with Twin Sister Sinnar
No Rules if You Hurt My Friends!
Goblin Hero – the Mawler

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