Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

We gathered upon a hill in a great spiral and I broke the crystal to take us to Sanctuary. There we found something… magnificent! The Sanctuary of the Gods had been torn from the world and now floated high above. We saw the greatest continents floating far below. It was beautiful!

After searching around, the circle of power and the circle of summoning. I set some people to tasks and located the calendar and other things needed for the ritual.

Time passed. People actually… got along. Soon it was time for the ritual. I pieced together the Word of Creation.

Then a betrayer, one disguiesed as one the 100 Banites summoned Malthetis!! He killed nearly all of the Bane followers in seconds before he was halted. I screamed for the elements to recognize a god had broken the Pact. They annihilated him. Then the final betrayer revealed himself — god of necromancy and undeath — but was also destroyed.

During this last, I completed the ritual. There was a light that surrounded me… I lost consciousness.

We all awoke on a mountain on a world made anew.

We soon realized we survivors had the powers of the gods. The Elements came and told us that the gods had left and that a new pantheon must rise to take their places.

Marjie and I returned home. Though the town no longer existed, the poeple were still there. We would have to rebuild. But the elements told us that as gods, we could not remain! I refused my place in the pantheon. My life had only just begun. I didn’t want to leave Cliff’s Hollow. The people I knew there were my family. Even more than that, I still felt my destiny was not yet complete. Not on this world.

Marjie chose the same, for similar reasons.

When Val came, he had chosen to rise, and Neela rose with him to be a goddess at his side. We spoke. I didn’t cry. It was hard for me to let go, though. We talked about many things, and I agreed to watch over Alara for him. He gave me a book about the new gods and maps of the world!

I’m going to miss him.

Cathal rose. I’ll miss him, too.

I have a town to help rebuild… and my own destiny to find.

Book of the Gods

  • Neela – goddess of warriors, defense (good)
  • ValTor/Val son of Tor – God of honor, nobility, protection, loyalty and family (good)
  • Innora – goddess of moon and the night (neutral)
  • Jora – goddess of knowledge (neutral)
  • Kathal became Sharn – god of the hunt, travelers and adventurers (neutral)
  • Morridan – god of dwarves and crafters (neutral)
  • Nadral – god of dragons, nature (neutral)
  • Solara – goddess of the sun and day (neutral)
  • Bellath – goddess of elves, shadows, seduction, vengeance and lies (evil)
  • Bane – god of conquest, slavery, tyranny, strength (evil)


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