Fina’s Notes

In her own words…

Morning. I awoke with sweet dreams filling my head that chased away heavy thoughts of the fate of the world — for a very short while anyway.

Three priests or holy warriors await me down in that village. Waiting for me to go on this supposed journey to remake the world. Yet, I am not decided. If the world is remade, who pays for it? Nothing is free. Not sex, not love, and certainly not creation. There will be pain and I must know what it is before I undertake any journey.

The more I think of it, the heavier I feel. I think today I will not leave the manor. I must think.

Marjie brought in a badly injured dwarf to the inn and then Arya came to bring down to see to him. He seemed to have been in a serious battle, but by his holy symbol of Moradin and apparent favor for blunt weapons, he is likely a priest or paladin. I’ll try to hold back any particular judgments for now. ::sigh::

Anyway, after seeing he was stable, I continued to tend his injuries. No one deserved to suffer after all, and I could ease that. He woke suddenly asking for the sheriff once, surprising me and adding some urgency to the situation and Arya was assigned to question him next time he awoke.

I decided that spending the day seeing to this man’s injuries was seclusion enough. I did have time to think. As I washed and cleaned each injury and tested for any broken bones, I considered what it meant to also heal the world.  His name is Gundersmith of the Brass Hills.

It turned out he was part of a group of dwarves investigating the doings of the deep ones. They discovered the plan to harness earth spirits to crack open the shattered world to free buried Titan parts. Awful… They would destroy the world in hopes a resurrected titan would remake it and honor their assistance. Fools! But it is their belief.

Well, the dwarf gave me a blue stick! and a white one that can relieve any wound for the holder that broke it. It’s for Marjie.

Then so many things happened so fast, I can’t desribe them all in detail!

  • Tyr came in badly wounded after picking a fight with the night elf priestess
  • Fofur was injured and lost a hand
  • I told Val what was going on. Mostly.
  • A warrior of Con with his white dragon arrived.
  • Four sisters, priestesses of different gods arrived: Gabby (Sola), Hippa (Jorune) and Dunara (Innara).
  • We held an impromptu meeting, including Val, in my bedroom to discuss details of the ritual and consider possible consequences. I also informed them of the dangerous plan the Char dwarves had to crack apart what’s left of our world to release titans.

Later I got the priestesses settled into the inn and went to the shrine of the gods. I found the priestess of Bellath there and saw revealed in the shadow of Corin’s memorial, the shrine for Bellath. After she spent time communing, I spoke to her of what was meant to come. I suppose.

  • Did a head count. Yep. Only a handful of gods left to show. Gotta go.
  • Innara — hammer from Tan given to Gundersmith of Moradin.
  • Banites arrive to pledge themselves to Decius Tyrantus Valerian. ??



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