Session 4 Notes

Having left leadership of the group to Hektor, the team followed him as he rushed to the docks.

  • Along the way Sinara dropped her fog
  • At the docks the team finds three merchant-class galleys moving away
  • They notice ballista being raised from the holds.
  • Xanthos, as a dragon, attacks and they defend using the ballista, but also have a necromancer aboard one of the ships who has erected an entropic barrier on each of the three vessels greatly reducing the dragon’s flame breath effect.
  • The ships eventually escape.

The team considers options. They must try to track the ships somehow. They note the ships are heading north, not south, leading Silus and Hektor to believe Captain Kallias is not finished yet. Hektor mentions ancient battlefields to the north that might interest a necromancer. So, while Silus and Hektor return to the Kraken inn, Xanthos goes to make contact with his old allies, the Sea Folk.

  • While Xanthos is away, the rest of the party notices a pillar of smoke coming from the direction of Baron Kinneas’ mansion. Captain Kallias’ men have burned it — more importantly they burned his armory which would delay the Baron’s ability to raise, outfit and train a militia from his holdings in and around Mermaid Cove and the inland village of Faela’s Well. The group helps Kinneas put out the fire and the baron vows to rebuild.
  • Xanthos dives into the wider bay of Mermaid Cove, known as Oyster Bay to undersea dwellers.
  • The dragon makes contact but manages to overcome the Sea Folk’s natural caution and suspicion. He convinces the chieftain Euenos and priestess Aëdon that they should listen to Hektor’s request for aid. Aëdon agrees to come ashore and guide the PCs under the sea for a conference.


The PCs are led by the beautiful priestess under the waves of the bay.

  • The meeting is held in a cavern carved from a huge mass of coral and includes Emmissary Eirene, who represents the Sea King.
  • When news of Alexandros’ death is related, she appears startled, even upset. She says she must go to Hylon, which is the capital. PCs are welcome to stay or leave as they choose.
  • They choose to remain since alone they have little chance of doing much to stop Captain Kallias. They need the Sea Folk to track down those ships and neutralize them so they can deal with the Captain and the necromancer with him.
  • The group experiences Sea Folk cuisine. Mawl undergoes gastric distress.
  • They notify the priestess that Hektor is also a son of the former King Aurelius and is pledged to uphold the promise his father had made that his son marry a princess of King Agenor. It is important enough that Aëdon sends a message via water magic.
  • An answer is brought forth in astonishingly short time.  Another emissary, this one wearing a golden circlet with gold jewelry. (Note that gold does not tarnish even if salt water. Silver does, quickly. So silver is not desirably to the Sea Folk.)
  • This new face belongs to Princess Maia who seems confused. She has mistaken Hektor for Alexandros, claiming to have seen him many times in dreams sent by the Sea King, their god. PCs realize that King Agenor, the Sea King, and the god Cydon are one and the same. He seems to rule by sending his message to his “emissaries” — which are in fact apparently his children, princes and princesses of the Sea Folk.
  • Maia seems very pleased that Hektor is very much alive. She pledges him the support of the Sea Folk and declares they will marry once Hektor has secured the kingdom and sits upon the throne of Nerium as King.  This confuses and even upsets Hektor as his sister Siphis is next in line and he only a bastard. Maia makes it clear that they are promised to one another — no funny business or fooling around. While Maia is very attractive in an exotic kind of way, Hektor doesn’t know her. Trapped in a marriage his father had arranged for his own brother, he feels conflicted, but it is clear they cannot proceed without the support of the Sea King.

Chief Euenos musters the entire might of the Oyster Cover settlement, all available warrior men and women and brings dolphins to help speed the PCs through the ocean on their way to find Captain Kallias.

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