Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words …

Still in a rather good mood since the Captain’s visit…  Sigh. I wonder what creative thing we might do next time.

Anyway, mind on the present.

Today, an interesting group of people arrived by airship. One, a stranger in a dark  cloak arrived, some were men with business at the manor, and one was a middle aged fortune teller that shared with me news that she fortold the High Lord’s death and is now foreseeing the death of the lordling, Neela’s brother.

A cloaked man kept watching me and I tried to draw him out.I could have seduced the gods themselves with what i put out there. Irritating. Well I got Arya to let me spell her with invisibility, and she went back into the inn to take a look at this cloaked man.

Well, then he appears behind me. Egad! I almost jumped out of my skin. He revealed himself to be an evil night elf with lots of scars and red tattoos on his black, bald head. Well I assume evil. I think he might be a priest and as far as I know, night elves like him follow Bellath, their goddess. Technically that would be the mother of my goddess. He told me he was to accompany me on a journey. I told him I had no plans to go on a trip, but he didn’t seem to believe me.

Creepy guy. Whatever. I not really into bald men anyway.

Anyway, I did get to spend quality time with my friends, with the notable exception of Val. Sheriff stuff I guess. Is it selfish to wish he had time off?

Marjie and Arya got fortunes told and both said they would be leaving on a trip. And Marjie was upset when the fortune teller told her that her relationship was unhealthy. I tried to tell her that part of a fortune teller’s job is to entertain and mystify and not to believe everything they said, but I fear her relationship was already poisoned. I suppose if they are strong they will weather this little storm.

The next day, Faldril arrived. This was a noble lunar elf, a holy warrior of Corin who introduced himself as one who was to accompany me on my journey and protect me. He was very, very… resolved and it frightened me a little. Such was his intensity that he said he would do a thing if his god directed him, even if he knew it to be wrong!

And then came Galdius Prasuvius, dedicated to Tor, in his warship. Ah the pressure is mounting!

Finally I spoke to the adventurers, the surviving warrior and his wife the sorceress. They didn’t know a lot but they did know where they had gone — a distant mountain with seventeen dragons on guard! They were torn to pieces. He drew a map for me; I studied it, then burned it. Best no one else knew where all this is leading.

I also had the fortune teller do a reading and in it, I had a vision of dragons and battle, and myself at the core, hovering high over the world. I was remaking he world. But she did have a message. “The gods cannot interfere.” I wonder who then might do so. The dragons? Who might be behind them?

After days of denying I was going anywhere,  I find myself wondering. We have heard from Sharina in her gifts to Marjie and Cathal. Bellath’s chosen and Corin’s chosen were here, as was Tor’s chosen. And of course Sarai appeared to me. Five gods. What say the other twelve?

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