Session 3 Notes

Notes from July 14:

  • Having broken into the room that had imprisoned the servants of Baron Kinneas, the group set about getting out of the locked place and looking for the Baron. Xanthor picked lock.
  • Found him locked in his own room. Xanthor again leading.
  • They then freed the guard locked in the armor. Unarmed, but armored, they had to make a lot of noise breaking down the door. They rushed to get out before the guards were fully roused against them.
  • Hektor stayed behind and bought them time to escape by challenging Captain Kallias to a duel. He won.
  • Hektor got lost trying to find the camp. Silus went out, found him, and led him back. It was located in a wooded clearing.
  • Once there, they did a bit of brainstorming.
    • Mawl pointed out the town was riddled with tunnels.
    • Went on to mention that due to Viktor’s men taking things over, it was now isolated.
  • Xanthor turned into a dragon again, taking Sinara for a ride. She carefully wove a glamour of fog over the town to make their counter moves hidden.
  • They went into the goblin tunnels and rearmed the Baron’s men. The Baron backs Hektor and Silus when his own men state doubts about following a goblin and his bright ideas.
  • In the tunnels, while they give Sinara and Xanthos a chance to work, Hektor takes an opportunity to talk to Lendelwen about herself. He asks many questions, and establishes she is a forest-corn, not a city-corn, majestic and beautiful as an elk or moose. That doesn’t go over as well as he intended. There is a debate as to the “majesty” of moose and their disgusting habits. Yet Lendelwen’s temper cools when she senses only innocent intent behind Hektor’s fumbled attempt at conversation.
  • Hektor and Silus lead an attack at the first place they want to liberate — the inn.
    • They jump a pair of patrols and dispatch them quickly. Hektor convinces Lendelwen to watch his back rather than engage the soldiers directly after an earnest request.
    • Bursting into the inn, they find a dozen foreign soldiers having a good time harassing the waitress. A fight breaks out. Silus traps nearly everyone in the room using by causing the wood of their spears to bend and wrap about them. The last group proves resistant, but Hektor and Silus, working together, pick them apart and defeat them.
    • Mawl comes into the inn with the barons men, who take all the surviving prisoners to the cells in the goblin tunnels.
    • Silus notices a guard wears an earring. Hektor points out it’s magical, a handy device used of communication and asks Silus to take a listen. He jams it into Silus’ earlobe, thereby giving Silus a new pierced ear, much to his surprise. From this, they discover there is a general order for soldiers to fall back to the watch tower and the ships.
    • Horns are sounding alarms around the town as one team of guards let loose a spear from a ballista at the dragon Xanthos. It bounces off his hide and he continues his flight around the city.
  • Xanthos and Sinara rejoin the others, Xanthos leaves to attack the tower directly, while the rest approach on foot, hoping to beat the guards to the tower and take it before they can fall back.
  • The baron’s men form a wedge that drives into the marines, Hektor’s group enters the tower while the baron’s mend holds off Viktor’s marines. Hektor engages the captain once more, while the others deal with the guards with him. Hektor draws his Blade and the captain finds himself outmatched.
    • Silus flings magic and lightning and the others whittle down the guarding marines while Hektor forces the captain to give ground.
    • The tower booms and shudders, already on fire from the dragon’s attack. Some in the top floor fire bolts and arrows to keep the dragon back but it’s a stalemate.
    • The team finishes with the marines and rush up to back up Hektor. Captain Kallias knows it’s over, takes out a chicken bone and breaks it. This opens a portal that sucks him in, effecting his escape.

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