Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

Ah, a fresh new day. I find myself prioritizing. Number one: Contact Sarai. Actually, that’s a big one. Let’s focus on that a bit.

I went to the shrine and prayed a while, after having sacrificed a pilfered money pouch. Arya came by and we had a chat. I brought her up to speed and she looked appropriately terrified. Eventually I got hungry though and concluded the best way to draw Sarai’s attention was to make a bit of mischief. After assuaging my hunger perhaps I shall go and work on recreating the Word of Creation.

OMG. So I meet Arya for lunch. And she was never at the shrine. I think I fainted! I totally treated my goddess like my best friend!! Wait. Is that okay? I mean…

After a splash of water, I decided to return to my rooms at the manor, but my friends pursued, catching me up midway to the manor. I told them I saw my goddess and — oh! Pirates. We all stared out at the incoming ship, then I cast invisibility and fled. This was turning out to be rather a big day.

It turned out, of course, to be Captain Harless. From what I understand he toured the town. When I finished changing into something nice, I met them down at the inn. After that we toured the town and he visited every business, buying many things. We even stopped at Andermath’s where a wonderful ring was shown. It seemed to be woven white gold with gems. It was capable of allowing items to be placed inside it. Marvelous! But expensive.

Later we had venison at the inn along with Val, Marjie, Cathal and Arya joined in. He was very interesting and very charming, so I couldn’t help reciprocating. He then offered to show me something amazing that would take but a moment and require my trust.

I told him I didn’t need to trust him because I trusted me. But I would nevertheless take that risk. He took me outside and gathered me close. We broke a little crystal rod and suddenly we stood at the edge of the world.  Surrounded by wonderful rock formations, we faced the descending sun. It was… incredible!

He was right it did put one in the mood and it seemed only right that we should do what seemed natural. The sex was heavenly, each taking of it what we desired.

When we returned he offered me one of two gifts. One was the magical stick that would take me where I wish. The other was the beautiful ring from Andermath’s. The ring of holding. I told him the magical stick held too much temptation for me, but that the ring I could accept. He took the temptation to be that of going to him aboard his ship, and I let him think that. In truth I thought of the Sanctuary of the Gods…

For this was no promise of engagement or marriage. I am free and make love because I am free to do so as I choose. He is the same.

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