Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

I assured Hernan he was on my list, though I was taking no new clients. He was overjoyed and so I lead him up to the Manor for a night that will live in his fantasy and dreams until next time.

Arya came to get me for breakfast, and despite the rain we had a pleasant walk — thanks to one of Andermath’s crazy contraptions. Guests arrived, apparently from Ganth. Some visited the manor.

A fascinating group of adventurers also arrived at the inn. There was a tough looking warrior and a female elf companion, a barbarous seeming fellow, a gnome that seemed rather… theify, and a middle-aged man that seemed to be the boss of the group who was bookish. Perhaps a lore-keeper, mage or priest of some sort.

Later we had a meeting with the dwarves. Alara cooked a wonderful meal as we held it at the home of Val, Marjie, and Cathal.  We will look into more ways to overcome the water in the caves, while the dwarves also work on the problem. We agreed to meet the next day, with the plan being to get underway with this project the day after that.

I spent a week down there with them just to be on hand in case they needed help. By this time their small army of earth elementals managed to fill in the great hall and various tunnels.

I was barely there a day when the remains of that adventuring party were brought in on a wagon, badly injured. After I saw to the legionaire looking fellow as well as his elf woman, she thrust a sack into my hands.

I followed Cathal and Val out to look for tracks. While they sniffed about or whatever trackers do, I looked at the items. There was a scroll that was something like “The Ritual of Souls”. Hm. Seems to be partly written in ink and partly in blood, by different people. A container had liquid with paper in it.  There was also a book that seemed to have  been rebound, but was very old. I didn’t want to damage it so I looked only at the first couple pages before I put it back into the sack. It was very well written. It spoke of Tor and his commands.  Hm. The lead deity of the pantheon, well this seems important.

And then my goddess appeared! She was standing about twenty feet behind, toward town. I took it as a message of caution.

But Cathal and Val didn’t want to return, so I provided some light and we trooped onward.

Later she visited Andermath and we took a look at the items. The book was an account of life and times before the great Titanswar. I saw a symbol of my Goddess as well as many others all twined together in unity! A holy artifact of knowledge to be sure! It was in the binding.

The Ritual of Souls required the Word of Creation. Which is of course in the fluid in the box.

Andermath sort of bid me leave. Eventually I returned the manor to study the items. The book was an account of the Titanswar, what happened, the Shattering, all of it. Toward the end of the book, a place was mentioned. The Sanctuary. This was a meeting place for the gods on this plane. At the end of the book, it mentions the creation of two holy words: Creation and Destruction. The book stated a belief that these words could rid the world of the titans. In the end, attempting to do so sundered the world. The book told me the whole history of the Titanswar from the point of view of the gods.

I’m in utter astonishment. Awe. My words simply can’t describe how I felt…

The Ritual of Souls describe various components, places, and the holy word is written there (don’t read that yet).  The language was archaic, but I figured it out. I needs:

  • Blood of the faithful (there are 17 symbols hidden unless I breathed upon it, each a symbol of a god)
  • Power to whisper to the wind
  • Power to flow with the earth
  • Power to dance with the flame
  • Power to swim with the currents

And then read the words while applying the components. The final part is the Holy Word of Creation.

Then it hit me. What if this ritual was done at the Sanctuary. At the ancient birthplace of the the world where all was first formed all was…


Oh my precious goddess Sarai. They… could they have? No! Would I? Could I? If I did, would the world die again? Be reborn?

Knowledge mortals should not have, now I have it. Relics that haven’t been seen by people since the Shattering and even then, not by mortal eyes. Oh what a horrible, tremendous, awesome secret!

But will I survive it?


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