Aspects of PCs of Cliffs Hollow

Fina of Blackwell

  • Lunar Elf Priestess
  • The Hand of Sarai
  • Feline Grace
  • Object of Covetous Desire
  • Mistress of Illusions
  • Junior Madam of Blackwell Manor

Margie Abbner

  • Capable Human Ranger
  • Fiesty Freckled Tomboy
  • You Can’t Out Stubborn Me I Have Seven Brothers
  • Blossoming Relationship with Tyr
  • This Town Is My Extended Family

Decius Tyrantus Valerian

  • A Battle-honed Aeris Ceunturion
  • Friends with the Sylph, Zephyre
  • The Bastard Son of a Fallen Highlord
  • Thrill-seeking citizen of Avonia
  • Sheriff with a Heart of Gold


  • Ruggedly Handsome Half Elf Ranger
  • Great Outdoorsman
  • Competitive Sportsman
  • Forensic Tracker
  • Stone Guard

Cliffs Hollow

  • Small Town Gossip
  • Ancient Past
  • Strategic Point of Interest

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