Shadow Fate Session 9: The Dauphin or make Love and War

April 18th

We met in the Kitchen before heading out for the night. The Duke suggested that we infiltrate someone or someone’s into this William’s organization. As we were discussing that.  A young lady in a belly T came to the front door asking for the people that run this place.  Security had not passed her and I was more upset. She was an emissary from Dauphin William. The Dauphin has extended an invitation for us to join him. Or perhaps form an alliance and not be apart of the house of night.

I made the girl go to sleep and then blurred her memory of Ayita. We woke her up to interrogate her, but we found out only a little more than we knew before, there are about 12 death dealers, and about 20 political elite. Then we let her run and had the wolves chase her off the grounds.

I found a person in the DMV to look up the license plates on Williams estate and surprise they all belong to him.

April 19th

I sent Stephanie with Garrett to infiltrate Wililiams estate.

She rode on the back of Garrett’s motorcycle. She was told to serve him, as she got on the bike, she decided to lick his ear and say “ we are going to have so much fun”. Garret respond by revving the engine and saying, “I’ll show you a good time.” They rode to the estates. When they got there they were asked to turn over their weapons. Garett did and Stephaine asked if she should, then turned over her Derringer.  They were given back and sent on. Stephanie asked if she should hold onto the bottle of the sweet stuff. Garrett said yes for now.

After they entered they saw a man in a black suit and no tie on the balcony and a group of vamps enjoying themselves with a person that didn’t seem to be enjoying it. Stephanie looked to Garret and saw that he was seething and asked him if he wanted her to save her.

They went over and Stephanie offered to take her place and two of them took her to a side room. One of the other ones wasn’t smart and Catherine took him down and put her foot on his neck and he then decided he was done and quickly scuttled to the side of the room. The Dauphin holds a court every midnight.

At the Dauphin’s court, Garrett and pet are called first. He said that Garret has said that he thought he would be a good fit and that he wanted to be a death dealer.   He asked him to drink of the cup he would give him. Garret refused.

Ayita offered Rose as a hostage for her good behavior. Rose was offered a drink and then Ayita was told to tell what it tasted like. The lust spirit that inhabits rose gave her strawberries and then sent it’s power out into the room. The Dauphin said Court adjourned took Rose and left. Stephanie was pointed at one of the Guards and told to go get him. She went after three of the guards and they all fell to her charms. The room was taken by lust.

The others slipped into the room after the Dauphin. Catherine snuck behind him when Rose distracted him and tried to rip his heart out. She failed to kill him and he escaped back into the room that court was held in. He faded through the door and past Garret. Rose shot Will-I-am. Stephanie seduced the other death dealers.

The others fought William and he grabbed a shot-gun from his throne and shot Catherine causing a lot of damage. Ayita tried to stake him but only wounded him. Garrett winged him.

The battle waged back and forth, more minions showed up, Most fell to the lust spirit William got hit and ran back into the bed room and took an unconscious Rose and slipped into a secret passage.

Ayita broke the door down and followed him. The secret passage lead to a door in the basement which lead to the sewers. The group stopped him and stopped Catherine from killing him.

Melvin came in with the van and they loaded up the bodies of Rose and William.

1 skill point for Melivin

2 for the newbies.

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