Shadow Fate Session 8: Hunters or Occult TV – Saving Sonja

April 16 2032 Right before dawn

Payden came to me and said that Shade didn’t come home last night. She left club @3 AM and didn’t make it home. So I spent part of the day fighting sleep and trying to call hospitals and trying to locate her. I tried tracking her by her phone but it was off. I swear I am going to start chipping people just so I can track  them.

That evening a bike drove up and two people got off, security passed them so I wasn’t worried. The passenger had blond bob haircut she was an attractive woman, after Shade took off her helmet  the blond helped her limp into the house. Shade had gotten hit with silver bullets.  The blond woman seemed friendly and said, “Bunch of guys were following, I helped her get out.” She seems to be a match for Logan in loquaciousness. Catherine DuCoat is the strange female vampires name. She has the ability to turn into a wolf.  Lilah came out and said hello. We thanked her and she left with my phone

Warren went back to Paulo’s old room where Alex his childer is staying. She screamed we all came running I offered my services and left.

[ooc I dont remember when Alex showed up or how we found her or she us. If someone could fill that in that would be nice]

The group decided that we are going to try and track them down and use Shade as bait.While they were doing that I went on-line and pretended to be the Dr. from the drug lab, trying to reach out to his contacts and find out what they know. Then I called I called Arcasia and asked about Catherine. He told me about her. Gangreal and politically neutral. He said that she was there at the club. I decided I wanted to get to know her better so I left the mansion and headed to the club to talk to her but before I could, I got a text saying that Payden and the others were being followed. Lilah and I went to meet them instead. Catherine was still at the club after we had linked up. We talked to her for a bit. She wanted to go dancing.  I talked to Noir who was also at the club and asked him to stop by the manion and talk to Warren. I also talked to Morgan and warned her about the attack on Shade.

We got back home ok.  Noir showed up and was helping Warren locate Sonja. He had rigged up some sort of eyeball that was working like a telivision. So we could watch the rescue. I went to check on Alex and she was silently screaming so I put her out an went back to watching the Occult TV. I noticed that Sonja was in pieces on the table. They had been torturing her. Warren seemed to be out of control. He seemed like some sort of Hulk like figure. Then Noir came through the Portal and brought Warren and Sonja with him. We placed Sonja in a tub and Warren said he would call his herd to help out. Noir whispered in his ear what he wanted in return. Warren nodded. Cinder appeared near the pool and talked to Noir for a bit and then they left but for some reason Noir now looks like a hot woman.

We were finally able to track the license plate of one of the motorcycle’s that attacked Shade. It belongs to someone with the name William. He lives in Des Moines in the Sherman Hill area.

April 17th

We went down to the address there was an estate with a wall around it, A lot of the construction was new. I flew our mini-drone, a remote controlled plane with a button cam, over it and got some interesting footage. The paperwork filed had this happening 6 months ago. Almost any blank was filled in with the William Trust, I looked that up and it doesn’t exist. We were searching the recording from the drone. When I got the call that Odin was shot six times.

Morgan contacted us and reported that Sarah had been taken and the wolves are ready to go to war with all vampires. She has offered her help to stop this and get Sarah back.

Meanwhile, I am going to find someone from the DMV and have them look up the licenses that we found. I also have to talk with the Duke about what went on and the situation with the wolves.

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