Shadow Fate Session 7: VEM or Payden Delivers

{Four Months Roll off.}

A more diverse population is showing up at the club. The whole neutral ground thing seems to be doing good, on the downside VEM is getting more widely distributed.We are still investigating it trying to track down its source. Nero’s kindred more boldly displaying powers and the Duke has been getting into battles across the city. Also more transient’s and vagabonds appearing or being created. Weather this too is Neros’ doing or just the situation being taken advantage of I don’t know.

Warren had meeting with Duke about working more closely with ShaowGate.

April 15

Jack reported missing by Thomas. He went to some prom at a high school, last night hasn’t shown up since the boys a are worried and so are we. Garrett took point on this one and was taken to  the Quarry by someone to look for signs of Jack. What he found lead us to the conclusion that we are looking for three that might be missing in connection with Jack, so Warren, Garrett, and Odin went to the quarry to look for Jack.

Duke, Eric, and Noir are in the Club tonight. The Rumor mill is active and one of them is that a vampire is pregnant.

About the time that we heard that rumor Logan ran out because Payden’s water broke and she started to deliver. It had to be a C section.  I called Warren to let him know and we are supposed to go ahead and look for the people since there is not much we can do to help Payden. Logan called in a little bit and said that Payden had delivered her twins, two little girls.

So we changed our plans and went to get baby stuff. The GM recognized that Logan had a thought and looked like he was in pain. The babies seem to want to drink blood. They seem willing to accept formula mixed with blood. Cassidy and Skylar are the babies names. Cassidy is the blond and the brunette is Skylar.

Babies appropriately admired and cooed over. We go back out to try and track down Jack. All we know so far is that he disappeared during the after party with some other kids. Warren, Logan,Garrett and Fang tracked him to a location they hadn’t found Jack yet when they called but some of the missing kids were there. I was an old school building and grounds well actually there were three buildings. We went in with the sheriff and his boys with Lila in one group. Warren, Garret, Logan, Fang and I in the other. We took out the patrols and then the 2nd building and Eric took out the 3rd building. Then we met back up in the main building. Checked it out and then went to a hidden door someone had uncovered.

We broke in and subdued the henchmen but while we were doing that the leader sent his research notes somewhere. I was able to tracked them down and delete them.

We questioned the leader he is some Professor who’s daughter was killed with the last batch of Vampire drug. While I feel sorry for him I would think that it would make him want to fight the sale of such drugs not go into the wholesale business. I am going to try and assume the on-line identity of the Prof. and back track everyone he sent stuff too.This may take some time but I have his PC and his accounts.

Exp gain a refresh.

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