Shadow Fate Session 5: A Windigo or Wendigo

We talked about what to do with the vial and it was suggested that we contact Noir and have him try and determine what the vial contained. The rest went to the club and I stayed home and got my money back.

[ At the club a group of tough looking people entered and went up to the balcony. Ayita asked about them and was told that they were just the investigators. She followed them anyway. Garret was told about a new policy of none of the wait staff going into the private room.]

I got a call about an investigation of some murders that Warren thought we should investigate. The latest of which was a local girl that had been attacked and eventually died. She was able to speak of a big hairy smelly man. In the park down by a river before she died of her wounds. But the story did not end there apparently the murder came and stole her body and kill a morgue attendant on the way out. They assume him dead because of the large amount of blood he left behind when he disappeared along with the body.

From the research and stories we have been able to determine the following facts. A Wendigo is huge, and has yellow eyes, is supernaturally strong with large teeth, and no obvious weakness. Originally they were a human that ate human flesh or were cursed.

I bought an earth home that came equipped with a bomb shelter to use as a base of operations in Laststop the place where the last murder took place. We were on the way to the safe house on the other side of the lake and I got into a fender bender with an old lady that wasn’t playing attention. No one was hurt we exchanged insurance information and got on with our night.

We all got into the van and went to the park where the attack occurred, not knowing exactly where it took place lead to us wandering around a little bit until me saw the remains of the police tape around the site. We found some claw marks about shoulder high and were talking about what kind of bear we would punch in the face and got to the subject to care bears when someone heard something and the talking died out. Garret said we’ve got movement.

Logan saw yellow eyes, no tail, all fours, ears that tilted back traveling fast. Garrett was able to track it though some bluffs. The trail lead down through some dry washes, eventually the ground got very wet and swishy as the trail lead down near the lake. The wash led us into a dished out area fronting the lake. Numerous dark patches where anything could hide dotted the small bowl. I went down and the others followed.

A creature was spotted near the shore and when we were down it gave a cry that was echoed by it pack. There were four of them, two attacked me and it was almost embarrassing. Everyone started hitting one and killed it quickly then the rest of the pack turned on me and I was suddenly paralyzed by a claw attack allowing the next one to bite me and hang on for dear life. Garret opened its jaws for it. Everyone was attacking it.  Things got confused another bit me before I could throw off the paralysis and then Warren broke its Jaw.  I tried to set up for Warren and Garret to finish it off. We took the rest out and went back to where we parked and found the van beat up and ten feet up in a tree. I started screaming “Yes, yes, whoo hoo” the others except for Warren and Logan looked at me like I was an idiot. But just said what its insured and I wasn’t in it.

The creature was apparently heading back to where we came from so took off at a jog. It took us a couple of hours before we got cell reception and by then we were near enough not to call for a pick up.

Warren went to check on Rose the rest of us went to investigate the premises. We found the claw marks 10 feet up. A big branch came out of nowhere flying at Logan. I drew my gun and began to back away. Garret provoked provoked the creature and it charged him. It seemed to be trying to bite him in half and it looked halfway to succeeding. I shot and it dropped him. The others hit him but just seemed to amuse it. It seemed really really freaking strong. Logan’s chains didn’t even slow it down.

It came at me and missed and I told it to flee. It didn’t but once I smelled it I was really busy puking and choking.

Garrett poked it in the eye. Ayita tripped it. Logan hit it and gave it a severe bleeding gash.  I kept attacking it mentally, and the others were distracting it and working together to pierce its defenses. Logan got bit and Warren managed to mesmerize it and Eventually, I defeated it and told it to feel pain. When we got back inside Rose seemed to have snapped out of the spell the creature had been able to put her in.

New players – get 3 skils points

Old players – get 1 skill point.

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