Shadow Fate Session 4 Taking Back whats mine, Farewell to Cassie, or Lilah’s Adventure

When they woke up the next night I told the others that I might be busy for a couple of days. Some money had been stolen from me and I was planning on taking it back. Warren seemed to think it was a bad idea. But it seemed to me that it was a mark of disrespect and I wasn’t going to stand for it.

We revisited the topic of building a catapult or trebuchet, just in case we needed to get rid of more bodies and didn’t feel like going for a swim. Warren said he had other business to attend to and left. I think that it was his Deva side showing and he left because he thought we weren’t paying enough attention to him; perhaps I am being petty or snappish. I know I was distracted and feeling some stress. One, someone stole from me, and two, they did it by hacking my account. I have my pride, I know that sometimes it gets in the way of clear thinking but … no I won’t make excuses for how I am feeling or what I do.

Ayita got a call and she asked Logan to go with her, again, I wasn’t paying much attention.

I spent most of the night finding out where my money went and how to stop it from going there again. I hate it when it goes on a walk about.

Payden was planning our farewell to Cassie for three that morning at the mausoleum. I told the others where we were going and why. We went to the oldest structure in the cemetery. All the original group was there and we were told not to get separated. Payden parted the veil and we stepped beyond. Everything changed and we saw dead people everywhere–at least that’s what I assumed they were. We walked over to Cassie’s mausoleum. The kids look different beyond the veil; they were covered with what looked like some sort of tribal markings. Cassie was waiting for us at her tomb. Payden went up and hugged her. I went up next and said, “I know that we were never been close but I want you to know that you will be missed.”   Warren was next and he got a hug. Then Logan went up and couldn’t say anything. I envy him that sometimes that he feels so greatly that the words just won’t come. They did eventually talk for a bit and she said that she forgave him and not to blame himself. He said that he loved her and they said good-bye.

When the others got back I learned about the clean-up job Ayita had been called to and what happened at the house party; the memory wipes and the clean-up of the bodies and the manner of payment. The bodies with the blood all over but no marks on the body. I told her that I could have helped with the mind wipes and the payment. I looked at Logan as if to say “Why didn’t you tell her that?” And he gave me his WHAT look, as if to say she had her ways of doing things and it wasn’t his place to get involved unless she asked for help.

As I was looking through the paper I saw someone that looked like Camilla, my sire. I was curious and decided to investigate further. I found out that it was possible that my sire was her great-aunt.

We decided to look into the recent deaths with similar traits of blood all over but no wounds on the body. We found four names: Rebecka Anderson, Claudia Cheeseman, Grant Fairchild, and Lydia Inger. There was an article reported in paper saying that they had died with profuse bleeding of the epidermis, eyes, and ears.

Lilah needed to get out of the house and go feed. On the way to town she found a man in an alley. He was bleeding profusely, similar to the previous victims. She tried to help and took him to Planned Parenthood in hopes that there would be something there to staunch the bleeding. Then she called Melvin, because she trusted him, who said that she should call 911 or try and give him some blood. The man seemed better but quickly went into convulsions and died. She searched his pockets and found his wallet (his name was Ted Verbanski) and an empty black vial. Lilah escaped through the back window and ran off because she didn’t want to be discovered and arrested. She narrowly avoided an encounter with the police.

We got in the cars and headed to her location, eventually meeting up with her in the arboretum. Unfortunately, a pack of werewolves found her first and were playing with her. When I arrived on the scene weapons had already been drawn and things were not looking good for our side. While we were busy with the wolves some them of the dragged Lilah away. We subdued one and were getting ready to start on another when Warren and the wolf he was fighting managed to come to terms and calm things down. Both sides stood down and collected our people (Garrett was amazed that the two werewolves had brought Lilah a snack) and left.



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