Shadow Fate session 11

As Warren and I were jogging up, we saw one man get out of the car say some thing to the woman that got out and go into the house.

Lilah ran up to Payden and said “whats the plan”. Payden said “I don’t know I am improvising”. Lilah quipped “I don’t’ like that plan.”

Payden rushed the 4 person brute squad that had come out of the house, saying “This is a bad idea.”

The fight ensued and suddenly Paydon shouted, “They are cursed mortals, there is always a loop hole.”

Morgan appear by us as we jogged up and managed to grapple all FOUR brutes. But no one could seem to hit them until Warren managed to get a couple palpable hits that took out one and hurt another.

Katlynn, the woman from the car told Payden to attack the 2 men and pointed at Warren and Melvin. Payden answered. “Yes my Queen”. Then Katlynn waved her hands and shadow chains rose and bound Morgan to the ground. I am guessing she is some sort of Fey Magic user.

I put the men off balance and Warren took another out. Then Payden attacked me and Shadows flew up and shredded the last person minion raining blood and viscera everywhere. Warren broke the Shadows Chains and Morgan changed and attacked Katlynn. Payden was wrapped in shadow chains.

Katlynn ran into the house I ran up and broke a window and saw Katlynn disappear around a corner. The driver turned the car and freed Payden. Warren freed her from her compulsion. We all entered the house and Morgan tried to follow but she was looped back to the entrance each time. Payden looked around and said I think we are in Fey. I asked Morgan if she could trace her by smell. And she lead us through a maze of room and corridors that made no sense architecturally but eventually we ended up in a basement torture chamber.

We started to talk with Centipede Guy and Katlynn, then He made Morgan disappear and I attacked.

He threw 6 swarms of centipedes at me and they bit me then Lilah sprayed me down with a hose and got rid of 4 swarms. Warren concentrated a spot of normalcy appeared. Logan appeared and freed Shade. Payden seduced Katlynn to our side and Katlynn started attacking Centipede. Warren managed to dispel the illusion that Morgan was gone. Logan tried to wake Shade but it didn’t happen and so he carried her over to where Fang was tied to the rack.

Katlynn tried to put him to sleep. I tried to slow him down. Lilah distracted him. Warren hit him and hurt him. Morgan grappled him and was hanging onto one of his legs by her teeth. Payden went up and tried to sink her blades in and she pinned him. Logan finished him.

Payden had made a deal with the fey. I don’t know what it was but we left with Shade and Fang and news of Sarah. We think Renie has her.   Apparently, she was going to help us deal with Centipede let us and our friends go and not bother our friends again, and leave our club as neutral zone. She also wanted a VIP pass to our club.

Morgan wanted to know where Sarah was and we said that we thought Renee had Sarah for some of her games.


Got 1 skill points newbies got 2

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