Shadow Fate session 10: Will-I-Am the artist as Art or How NOT to trap a Fey.

We were all in the van and made it home. Warren talked about what to do with our prisoner. He wanted to give him to Deserie the leader of the Deva clan under the Duke.

April 21 A couple days later we went back to the Willam’s House to set it in order and to make sure they still weren’t a problem. Evett is now our contact with his old court. She is Aritos. I have told her to contact me if she has problems or questions.

Two weeks went by

May 5 2032

  • We put the 12 death dealers of William in the cells beneath Nickolias mansion.
  • Shade is going to work as a bartender at a club called Finagins. She will dance if she needs to fill in.
  • We are still looking for Sarah. The city seems calm at the moment.

May 12 2032,

Shade got back from Finagens and normally Fang was 15 minutes behind. Fang did not show up. A couple hours after Dawn Shade was worried and woke up Payden. Payden woke up Warren and Logan.  Logan didn’t want to wake up but Payden convinced him.Payden thanked Max’s bound servant, Katarohim, for coming.

Warren asked Stephanie if she could help find Fang. She said she would wake Melvin and ask his permission. He gave it and located Fangs Phone then texted the location to Shade and Payden.  When the group got to the park where Melvin said the phone was located. She called it and they found the phone and his shirt but nothing else. Rose spotted some regular marks going up the walk. Shade saw something wet in one of the groves. Rose and Stephanie talked it over and said well those look like the tracks of a centipede but the size. Odin said no centipede could reach that size and Stephanie said well that’s why they call it magic.  The sent went to the curb and stopped that seemed to indicate that Fang and the creature had gotten into some sort of vehicle.

We decided that the best way would be to set a trap. Sarah also frequented this park to maybe the disappearances are related. We called Morgan and she showed up in about 20 minutes. She said that she smelled Fairys or at least a fairy. Stephanie went and got breakfast and coffee for everyone.

We went back to the Mansion to report and change shifts. Shade was willing to be bait to get Fang back but she wasn’t happy about. Lilah said that she would be willing to be bait as well. Our pass phrase is “Come with me into the busses. Sorry they are all occupied.   I came up with this because a lot of the Fey powers deal with illusion and I wanted someway for us to know each other.  I said that I would watch Lilah.

We walked through the park for about an hour and suddenly she disappeared. I ran to where she was and but couldn’t find her. I searched for a bit and then called her. When she didn’t answer I tracked the phone. I tracked it to the side of the road. I started back to where we left the cars but Warren screeched up. I got in and we started to track the other phones. Only one of which showed up, Paydens.

I also started the track the bracelet and the bug that Lilah was wearing. I brought up the idea of putting a chip in someone and surprisingly Lilah went for it.

Eventually, we were lead to the broken down ruins of Chatte Noir, I didn’t see the others but I sent everyone including Morgan a text saying, “We have tracked them to Chatte Noir.

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