Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

Lady Blackwell withdrew after the shock of the Sheriff’s death. I know she took it hard, but she also needs to be alone. I found that Arya took it very hard. I think she needs a distraction right now to avoid breaking down and to give time to process.

It was the hug that told me the most. I could feel her begin to quake, that tremor that forebodes completely falling apart and broke away first. I told her that we will wait for the funeral to morn the good Sheriff because right now the town had need of us. The dwarves seek to go below and I don’t think they know what they are getting into. I convinced her they will unleash something, without meaning to, that will threaten the entire town.

We would seek them in the morning.

The dwarves ultimately did invite me, as well as those I thought would help, to come with them when they were ready. They mentioned they would need a few days to complete preparations. I went and let Marjie, Cathol and Val know. Marjie and Cathol of course were in right away. I suspect Val’s hesitation had to do with the possibility that he may have new responsibilities to the town, now that the Sheriff is dead.

And indeed a town meeting was called. I decided to take the opportunity to speak with the poor slave girl. She was rather upset at the idea of being freed, of all things. Ah, the poor, deluded thing. She was so flustered, she called Val by his full name: Decius Tyrantus Valerian. Which, of course, verified what I had begun to suspect for some time. When Val showed up, I sensed it was time to leave. Enough pressure had been applied that I am certain Val would have to free her now. Alara would have the opportunity to be her own person now, and what more could any of us want?

Later, Val asked me to question the prisoners. I agreed. To be honest I’m not sure what I can really get from them, but he seems to have faith in my ability to gather information. I used the collar Alara used to wear. The captured captain revealed he was on a mission from the king to capture Neela and keep her safe. He was not part of the conspiracy to murder the High Lord and High Lady of Vergras.

Arya told me she would like to be a deputy working for Val. I can’t lie — I felt very sad at the news, but hid my feelings from her. I told her she must do what makes her happy. I know she will be very good at what she does. But I can’t help but think my life will be much lonelier now.

I spoke with Cathal and made plans for him to find some tortoise shells. We will use them to help swim our way through the first barrier in the dungeon below the town.

Cathal later accepted an offer by the new Sheriff to be a Deputy.

The next day was the funeral.

Later, during brunch, the dragon lord Hernan burst into the inn! He brought two male friends and one female friend. And of course soon after came Vey and a few of her (I assume dragon) friends.




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