Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

A night’s rest did me good and the headache I’d been nursing since the encounter with the dark little dwarf finally abated. The next morning I went back into town in hopes of finding Val and Neela. It might be very interesting to see what happens when she learns her aunt has come for her!

And it was. They launched into an argument immediately. While we looked on, Val was introduced. For a moment the argument simmered down, but of course by then they were sort of the attention of the town given it happened in the town square.

Well, a going away party was planned for Neela and Val thoughtfully sent his new slave, Alara, to me. Well, I sure found a diamond in the… well she wasn’t rough to begin with. I dare say she made quite a splash at the party. It was good to see her have so much fun. Every man wanted a dance with the young flower.

Oh, did I mention I told Val’s mother about Neela and he? And the fact he seems to be too stubborn to go with the woman he loves? I guess I did not. But I did to his mother and boy was she fired up! It made for an interesting scene, to be sure!

But my job was done here and I felt listless and… well a little bit alone. So I went for a walk to find a bit of inner peace. It must have been around midnight with I turned my feet homeward.

The next day some dwarves came into town. They were looking to head below and the Sheriff asked me to update them on what happened with the Charr Dwarf. I offered them my assistance. I think they should take my offer, in all honesty. But I have to admit to being curious. My goddess herself had once told me to go in there. That… desire to explore might always be with me.

After the dwarves left, a half dozen legionnaires stopped in looking for Neela. Well, I found out she’d gone home in tears and that her parents were dead. We were not to speak of her. Then these guys started asking around for Neela.

There was a scream outside the inn. We went out to investigate. More legionnaires plus their captain were fighting the Sheriff. The Sheriff made a great accounting of himself, killing most of them, but the captain killed the dwarf and then the Sheriff. We took him out, Arya getting in the final blow — we took him out but left him alive. The dwarves came out and took helped take care of the six that came out of the inn behind us.

I couldn’t save the Sheriff. I tried to give him a way back, even to use the fallen captain, but I couldn’t save… all of  him. I didn’t want to create some abomination, so I let him go.

I let him go.

The dwarves helped kill the rest. After, things were … I couldn’t be there very long. I went home.

He died in front of.. me…

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