William, would-be Dauphin of Ames

Shadowgate campaign.
A conceited vampire much enamored of himself, William’s ambitions overreach his power.

Refresh (Current Fate): 2 (0)

Physical: xxxx (xx) Armor:1
Mental: x❑❑❑

Severe (Hole ripped in back ✓ ) Mild (battered ✓ ) Moderate (broken nose ✓) Taken Out


HC: Vampire Lord of the House of Night
Origin: Deap-seated Feelings of Inferiority
Only I Can Save Vampire-Kind
Thinks with his balls


+5: Brawl, Deceive
+4: Melee, Physique, Provoke, Will
+3: Athletics, Notice, Resources, Shoot, Stealth
+2: Investigation, Occult, Streetwise


Fade Through Walls – Spend a Fate point to pass through any barrier, be it window, door, or wall.


Vampire Stunts
Animal Shape – Mark off one mental or one physical stress box to take the form of a wolf.
Night Eyes – See at night in the dark without penalty, except in total darkness or while blind.
Primal Claws – Pay 1 physical stress. Brawl gains Weapon:2 bonus. (But see Supernatural Strength below.)

Supernatural Strength x2 – +4 to Physique rolls to break inanimate objects. +4 stress on Brawl attacks (can add to Primal Claws, above). Costs 1 physical stress.
Resilience x2 – Pay one mental stress to gain +2 stress boxes and Armor:1 for the scene.

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