Warren Brody

by Dragonmick-st-john
Shadowgate campaign.
Handsome, brown hair worn a little bit long, wears a blue suit coat over either a white or black button down shirt with the top buttons open.

Refresh (Current Fate): 2 (3)

Physical: ❑❑❑❑
Mental: ❑❑❑



HC: An Aristos Investigator of the Daeva-Septemi Bloodline
Origin: A Fallen Priest Who Couldn’t Say No to Sex
I’m Connected with Cops and the Underworld — And They’re Connected with Me
Rose – My Mortal, My Addiction
Supporting Staff – Junior Detective Posse and a Herd of Young Women (posse was killed off except for Beth Southal and Keira Emberey. These were sent on a semi-permanent “vacation”.)


+5: Brawl, Rapport
+4: Investigation, Physique
+3: Abjuration, Provoke, Resources
+2: Contacts, Empathy, Notice, Shoot
+1: Athletics, Melee, Occult, Stealth, Will


Too Sexy for My Shirt – +2 to Rapport rolls where good looks can be brought into play.


Vampire Stunts
Unnatural Speed – Spend 1 physical stress to gain +3 Athletics for defense or to move quickly.
Supernatural Strengthx2 – Spend 1 physical stress to gain +4 to Physique rolls to break stuff. Gain Weapon:4 in Brawl attack or +4 to bonuses from melee weapons. Lasts the scene.
Heightened Senses – Spend 1 Mental stress to gain a +3 bonus to a roll involving one sense. See in the dark.
Mesmerize (Rapport) – Use Rapport to entrance someone into doing things for you, all the while thinking it was their own idea. Places the Mesmerized aspect on a victim for the scene.
Inexorable Summons (Rapport) – Use Rapport at any range on someone you have previously mesmerized. Resist with Will. Success means the target will come to you. Costs 1 Mental stress.
Glorious Majesty (Rapport) – Spend 1 Mental stress. For the rest of the scene, or until someone successfully attacks you, they must first overcome your Rapport skill with a Will roll. Attacking someone ends this effect.

Vampire Skills
This skill is used to counter magical effects placed by supernatural beings. It can also be used as a defense.

Overcome. Use Abjuration to dispel a supernatural effect. The difficulty is Fair (+2), unless the supernatural causing the effect is present, in which case they may be able to actively resist the Abjuration effect. An attempt to remove a permanent effect caused by a supernatural power, such as permanent changes to Aspects, can be made with the expenditure of a Fate point from both you and the target and a successful Abjuration roll.

Create an Advantage. Create aspects on yourself or others such as Buttress the Soul to aid in defending against supernatural powers being used against you. These can be invoked when defending.

Attack. Use Abjuration in a battle of wills to banish supernatural creatures not native to the mortal realm or possessing spirits and ghosts. This is resisted by Will and success causes mental stress. A Taken Out results not in the creature’s destruction, but in sending it back from whence it came, or in the case of possessing spirits, casts them out of the victim’s body.

Defend. Use Abjuration to defend against supernatural powers that may directly affect you. For example, an attempt at mind control can be resisted with Abjuration, but Abjuration can’t be used to defend a vampire who is using Supernatural Strength and Speed to attack you since those effects do not directly affect you; rather those powers enhance your opponent first.


Brass Knuckles (Weapon:1)
Punch Dagger (Weapon:1)
Pistol, Glock 17 (Weapon:2)
& Spare clip
Flack Jacket (Armor:1)
A Ford Mustang
Encrypted Cell Phone


Cassidy Victoria – (my little girl)
Skylar Fee – (Russel’s)

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