Luna Arkona

by Dragon299px-Lady_Melyia_Arkona
Crimson Throne campaign.
Occupation: Wizard
A lovely woman of fluid grace, soft brown hair and eyes.

Refresh (Current Fate): 4 (4)

Physical: ❑❑❑
Mental:   ❑❑❑
Magic:     ❑❑❑❑



HC: Charming Future Leader
Trouble: My Word Is My Bond
Arcane Expert
Clinical Physical Awareness
What Luna Wants, Daddy Buys


+5: Wizardry
+4: Athletics, Rapport
+3: Contacts, Gift, Notice
+2: Arcane Lore, Empathy, Will
+1: Lore, Physique, Stealth

Extra language: High Azlanti


Shapeshifting Magic.
Fire Magic.
Water Magic.
Fate Magic.
+2 to Rapport when you’re delivering an inspiring speech in front of a crowd. (If there are named NPCs or PCs in the scene, you may target them all simultaneously with one roll rather than dividing up your shifts.)


Resources: 7


Fine Clothes.
Traveling Clothes.
Black Breastplate. Armor:3. Corset style. It’s enchanted to give Armor 3 instead of 2.
Fire Accelerant. 3 vials of powder that accelerates fire.


Family Notes250px-House_Arkona
Daddy is Glorio Arkona and he has raised tenements to help the poor of the city and is very popular among the poor as a consequence.

Arkona (as a poorly kept secret) has controls in crime all over the Old Korsovo. Glorio maybe a cold and cruel guy, but Luna doesn’t know that. He has also leveled some old properties including a tavern and brothel in order to construct large tenement buildings for the poor. This has earned House Arkona a positive name and standing.

Mother’s name: Melyia Arkona (cousin to Glorio), but she is never named. Luna understands this is simply the way her parents prefer it.

My coat of arms is sable over white, gold dragon.

House Arkona is one of the most powerful noble families in the former Chelish colony of Korvosa. Unlike most other families of that town, members of the Arkona family live only in Varisia.

My brother is Lance Arkona. I think he’s gay.

Glorio Arkona
Glorio Arkona

Although an old family that predates even the founding of Cheliax, by 4458 AR House Arkona had sunk into poverty. Lord Garath Arkona of Korvosa and his sociable brother and adviser Jenkson Arkona, in the caravel “Reprieve”, set sail for distant and exotic Vudra. The shipment they brought back returned House Arkona to a place of prominence in the nobility. Overnight, the much-derided house went from among the poorest noble families to second only to House Jeggare in wealth. In the next few years Lord Garath and Jenkson indulged in nearly every vice available, from drugs to cruelty to pleasures of the flesh.

Current Prospects
Since their initial voyage to Vudra, House Arkona has only increased its wealth and influence in the city. Nothing occurs in the back alleys or stinking vaults of Old Korvosa without House Arkona knowing about it. It is a poorly kept secret that the family controls or has influence over every major (and most minor) criminal enterprise in the city.

Shapeshift Skills
Luna can take any form if she works at it. Humanoid forms are definitely doable, but note she has no Deceit skills. This means she’s is no good at seeming to be anyone else. She might look like a female dwarf or a male guard, but without good acting, she isn’t going to fool very many people into thinking she is a specific person. For example, if she shape shifts to try to look like a specific male guard, that male guard will walk, talk, and hold himself like a girl. He’ll have Luna’s mannerisms. Without a good skill to back up the magic, she’s not going to pull it off very will.

So, Luna might use her Shapeshifting Magic to look like a different person, but not a specific person. In that case, she *must* keep all her same skills.

Animal form skill swap:

+5: Athletics
+4: Fists
+3: Notice, Stealth
+2: Physique, Wizardry, Gift
+1: Arcane Lore, Lore, Will, Survival

In-character rationale: Athletics is at the top because she typically will select forms of quick creatures more capable of avoidance than combat. If she must take a slower or stronger animal form then Athletics and Fists might get swapped and/or Physique and Notice.

Being an animal usually means a greatly heightened sense(s), thus the slightly higher Notice skill. However, that might be distracting enough that she simply can’t pay attention to more intellectual pursuits reflected by her ability with magic and Arcane Lore, so those skills drift down toward the bottom of the pyramid. Her Contacts and Rapport skills fall right off the list because animals simply can’t communicate in a way that would support having them.

Note that shapeshifting part or all of herself means an aspect has been placed on Luna. This can be compelled in as many interesting ways as it can be invoked.

Costs of Spellcasting
• Pay a consequence when you fail to overcome but wish to succeed anyway.
• Pay a point of Magic Stress when you tie the difficulty to overcome and succeed.
• Pay a point of Magic Stress when you fail to create an advantage but wish to place an aspect anyway. You do not get a free invoke on this consequence; you must pay a fate point to invoke it.
• If you attack and miss your target, you must pay a point of Magic Stress.


More Notes

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