Garrett Wade

by Jose Perez
Shadowgate campaign.
Tall lanky middle aged bearded layabout

Refresh (Current Fate): 3 (3)

Physical: ❑❑❑❑
Mental: ❑❑❑❑



  • Draugar Vampire professional bouncer/enforcer.
  • Died getting a drink, standing at the bad while under a Gypsy Curse the night he was backstabbed in a bar fight.
  • A veteran of too many bar fights.
  • Loyalty is earned, not bought.
  • Any problem can be solved through the Proper application of brute force.


+4: Physique Provoke
+3: Notice Will
+2: Investigation Rapport Stealth
+1: Athletics Contacts Empathy Resources


OVERPOWER: Use Physique instead of Melee.
FACE IN THE CROWD: +2 to Stealth Roll to Blend in a crowd.
DANGER SENSE: Notice is unimpeded by sensory impairment if it is in defense of someone that means me harm.
VAMPIRIC RESILIENCE: +1 Armor, +1 Physical Stress box for the scene if you take a Mental Stress damage.


I like pie


Old chopper.


C sharp.

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