Session 2 Notes

PCs went down the hole after a little bit of discussion about motivation. Hektor seems dubious about Sinnara’s proclamation she simply wanted to do the right thing.

  • Once inside, they found where the outhouse refuse went. Sylus promptly lit it on fire.
  • Creeping along, they chose the Left and Live rule, and used it to find a half dozen goblin guards.
    • The gobbos were devious, tricking PCs where they could get some advantage on them, but weren’t particularly skilled in battle. For example, tricks included throwing poop in the eyes, and draping a blanket over Mawl.
    • Other notable moments included Mawl one-shotting goblins with his massive axe and Sylus’ chain-lightning effects. Hektor is surprised and unsettled when Sinnara uses magic to modify his body. Hektor reveals knowledge of advanced martial art techniques.
    • PCs discovered evidence this cavern was their barracks.
  • Traveling further, they found a path through the caverns that opened into a room filled with the sort of supplies a goblin tribe on the move would use. But, they had been there for some time.
  • After that they went down another cavern tunnel that seemed to have had some kind of rotating trap, but it was already sprung.
  • PCs discovered archers using arrow slits but Sylus chased them off.
  • A large cavern showed signs of major changes — leveling the floor and building strong jail cells. Five of the nine were occupied. Four human women and an elf woman. But there were also four large goblin jail guards plus another that was finishing up with the poor silver elf woman. The following combat was epic – most PCs were banged up a bit and needed a breather.
    • Notable moments include PCs methodically taking apart the opposition by concentrating on one opponent at a time, Xanthos gutting one, Mawl slicing the head of another, and Hektor grappling one that had charged into Sinnara and Lendelwen. Hektor locked the goblin in a hold and eventually broke the goblin’s neck.
    • Someone points out that the guards are unlikely to have the coin to pay for all these “heads”.
  • They heard chanting and the sound of a LOT (like two or three times the numbers they’d been facing) coming from down the long corridor they’d recently left. That meant they had no safe direction to send the newly-freed captives.


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